Ayahatori Shoukanjou – Chapters 6, 7

Manga Title: Ayahatori Shoukanjou – あやはとり召喚帖


“Ayahatori” is the name accorded to the family that possess a special and uncanny mystical power with the ability to summon people and beings from ancient secret text and use them as familiars. During an “Ayahatori” initiation ceremony, teen-aged schooler “Kozakura Saaya” is suppose to summon one of the three most beautiful women in the world, Ono no Komachi. However, much to her surprise and all those in attendance, what appears in front of her is a not a woman but a beautiful young man.

Author(s): Kajiyama Mika
Artist(s): Kajiyama Mika
Genre(s): Shoujo, Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Published by: Kadokawa
Serialized in: Gekkan Asuka

::Volumes Released To Date::
Volume 1 (26-May-2010)
Volume 2 (26-Oct-2010) *New

For info on translated chapters etc:  See this site

Ayu’s comments:
Saaya wasn’t as surprised as the elders were when she summoned a ‘bishounen’ instead of a ‘bishoujo’. She was just stunned by Komachi’s bishie-luscious look. She had already figured out that Komachi was a guy long before she cast her summons from the book. The most recent chapter delved much deeper into Komachi’s past and why he was made to cross dress as a girl. Thus far, the mangaka has managed to keep things interesting particularly with the characters. Kajiyama’s art is gorgeous too. It’s an enjoyable read if you like the shoujo genre.

::Loose Chapter Preview [JPN]::
Vol.2: Chapter 6

Vol.2: Chapter 7

Click on the covers to preview the individual chapters. I have a policy in place and that’s ‘Ask and you shall receive’ if you want to see the said chapters. Please do not claim the scans as your own and a little credit to their original source is much appreciated, should you decide to use them for translations and the likes. Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Ayahatori Shoukanjou – Chapters 6, 7

  1. Avier


    I’m trying to find the jap scans for the 1st volume. I already bought volume 2 & 3 in the japanese version, but the bookstore didn’t have volume 1.

    Is it possible to get volume 1 scans from you? I can’t really start reading the manga since i have to read from volume 2 onwards. Please let me know by my email..thanks.



  2. pun-neko

    Hi! Im very much interested in this manga. Can you please give me the password? 🙂 If my group likes it, we might possibly scanlate this into english. That is, if they want to 😛 But i really do want to see this for myself thanks!! ^__^


  3. lenaleemelodee

    Wow, you’ve scanned Ayahatori? O.o So awesome! I totally love the art, and the first chapter seemed to be interesting^^ Could you please send me the pass?^^


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