[Mags] Snippets from Zero-Sum and Jump SQ Issues 11

tBP’s Manga-mag Updates!

w00t! Here I go with another batch of covers and colour pages from the November issues of Jump SQ and Zero-Sum. I would have love to include more chapter previews and spoilers but nay, I’m just too busy with R/L stuff lately. I’ll consider posting the latest chapters of Karneval and 07-Ghost by request and if no one has shared them yet. Fans of CLAMP will be interested to know that Jump SQ will publish their new manga ‘GATE 7’ which will premiere in the December issue. I suppose it’ll be a one-off manga. Anyway, expect preview spoilers on tBP when I get my copy of JSQ Issue 12. Let the pic-spam begin. 😛


Tegami Bachi hogs the JSQ cover which also coincides with the airing of the ‘Reverse’ anime and Volume 11 tank release.
JSQ11 - 001

The ‘Gauche reunion’ arc is just about over in the manga’s latest chapter where yet again, we’re left with another cliffhanger. Things are moving to the more serious and shady side with Largo’s attempt at infiltrating the ‘Reverse’ organization. I gotta say the manga is traipsing on exciting territory ever since we got into the ‘Reverse’ part of the story and I can’t wait to see a major portion of that being adapted into the anime.
JSQ11 - 003
JSQ11 - 004

CLAMP’S Gate 7 Promo Ad
JSQ11 - 002

More To Love Ru” Cover and Colour Page
JSQ11 - 005

I’m not really a fan of the manga or anime. “Motto To Love Ru“, the second season is currently airing on the Tuesday slot.
JSQ11 - 006

Donten.Prism. Solar Car‘ by Ohtagaki Yasuo and Murata Yuusuke gets a colour cover page. I’m not really getting into this new shounen, sports manga yet.
JSQ11 - 007

Shiki‘ with a colour cover page. The manga’s volume 9 was recently released.  Well, this issue’s chapter is rather short.  It appears that the ‘vamps’ are getting the short end of the stick.
JSQ11 - 008

3 week hiatus for the anime is a long time. Glad it’s back on air this week (Oct-14). Looking forward to see Ep 12.
JSQ11 - 009

Sengoku Basara 3” Cover Page
SB2 anime ended just recently. I wonder if there’ll be an SB3 in the future. There’s also a movie in the planning isn’t it?!
JSQ11 - 010

エンバーミング-THE ANOTHER TALE OF FRANKENSTEIN” Cover Page.  This started out as interesting but I lost touch with the story 10 chapters in. 😛
JSQ11 - 011

::JSQ Manga New Volumes Releases::
The ones of interest to me are ‘Shiki’ Vol.10 and ‘Tegami Bachi’ Vol.11 which I got along with this issue of JSQ.
JSQ11 - 012


Amatsuki” features on Z-Sum’s cover.
ZSUM11 - 001

Saiyuki Reload Blast” Colour pages
ZSUM11 - 002
ZSUM11 - 003

Haigakura” is getting a drama cd with Namikawa Daisuke and Mamoru Miyano voicing the characters.
ZSUM11 - 006

Goulart Knights” is getting a DVD release???
ZSUM11 - 007
ZSUM11 - 008ZSUM11 - 009

Haikyo Sakuru” is the new manga by Watanabe Yuu and Yuuki Azusa which begins its first chapter in this issue of Z-Sum. It has my interest especially when the 1st few pages reveal that the *female* protagonist was actually a boy who underwent a sex-change operation. So I’m hook to see where the plot is going with this. 😆
ZSUM11 - 010

Planetary” gets a colour page and it’s 1st Volume release
ZSUM11 - 011

Tenkyuugi~Sephirahnatus” – Bright & colourful cover page featuring Nanao. Tenkyugi’s Volume 2 is out this month as well.
ZSUM11 - 012

Gatsu Kyoku Lunatic” is another one shot title from HoSuka

“Di(e)ce” ended its run on a somewhat ‘happy’ but confusing note. Confusing because it was really hard to follow the multi-verse time skips and countless flashbacks that peppered the series.  In the end, you don’t know what’s real and what’s not in the world of ‘Di(e)ce’.  It’s not really one of Naked Ape’s better series. “Dolls” is a whole lot more interesting to read than “Di(e)ce”.

“07-Ghost” and the return of Ayanami

Karneval – Yogi, Nai and Tsukomo managed to catch Gareki & say their tearful goodbye before Gareki leaves for the Circus Academy.  Oh, it’s Tsukitachi on the cover of the chapter.

Karneval Vol.6 is out this Oct and features Tsukomo on the cover. Can’t wait to receive my copy.

Z-SUM’s Next Issue Preview – Looks like ‘Karneval’ is hogging the main cover next. +C, 07-G and Landreall will probably get colour pages.

And that brings me to the end of this little manga-mag round-up. Enjoy! 🙂

**Note: You may use the images for personal use but don’t claim the scans as your own and post it everywhere w/o due credit to their original source.TQ!

7 thoughts on “[Mags] Snippets from Zero-Sum and Jump SQ Issues 11

  1. Haikyo Sakuru sounds very interesting… ( I wonder if in manga they will see him as a boy or girl? If a girl it would be weird somehow ;p )
    Thank you for all information about series 🙂
    ( too bad that at least half of them I can’t readu, but still they look awesome XD )


    • You’re welcome. Well, he’s physical attributes is that of a girl now that he’s undergone the sex-change operation and he probably thinks of himself as a girl as well. Sounds befuddling, doesn’t it? 😆


  2. Thanks for doing this~!
    Especially for the 07-Ghost pages! I really wish a scanlation group would pick up this story, it really deserves it. And it’s a little sad to have to wait for the chinese scanlations every month… but as long as I get to see it in the end! ^^

    Anyway, thanks for going through all this trouble every month! Just know it’s appreciated! Grazie!!


    • @ Miss Ink, 🙂 You’re welcome. I’m happy to share 07-ghost spoilers with the 07-G community. I may include more spoiler pics from the latest chapter soon. xD


  3. Waaaah, thank you so much for snippets!
    1) It’s sad that Diece’s already ended, but still that leaves more room for Dolls, I guess :3 Ohh, speaking of which, could you please post a couple of pages from Dolls, if there are any good Mikoshiba shots?^^

    2) After reading the recent chapters, I’m kinda starting to like Tsukitachi more. And I also feel sorry for Akari T_T Might consider coloring Tsukitachi, but I dunno… what is his hair color supposed to be? O.o I’ve seen colored chibis, but the color of his hair was too reddish.

    3) Love the cover with Amatsuki. Looks like Takayama-sensei’s working for two series every month, must be really hectic O.o

    4) Regarding sharing Karneval chapter – it will be shared later @its LJ community, its scanlations are far behind the actual release anyway, so I guess you could leave it at it?^^

    5) I know I know it’s too biased of me to say that you can leave Karneval, but scan 07-Ghost xD But anyway, your choice^^ I can’t ask for more, because you always do a huge and awesome job at providing so much info and scans… Is the whole cahpter about Ayanami? I wouldn’t mind to read it, but after getting so much awesomeness from the latest chapters, I guess we could wait. Just decide yourself if you have free time!^^

    6) Oh and one more thing… I’m a bit behind the latest Tegami Bachi chapters, what’s happened in the last 4 chapters, like, in two sentences? I just love the series and its anime too. … and Dr Thunderland Jr *nod nod*


    • @leenoriega, xD It’s always fun to read your comments. So here goes my response.

      1) Dolls is taking a break in this issue. So there’s no chapter or else I would have post a couple of spoiler pics.
      2) Golly, I can’t remember what Tsuki’s hair colour is either…need to go back & look at some previous pics *lol*
      3) Well, at least Z-Sum Ward is a bi-monthly and that may give Takayama-sensei breathing room to work on his double series.
      4) LOL… I’ll probably only share Karneval raws when I have time to scan them
      5) Since I’ve been getting requests from some in the 07-G community, I’ll share more chapter spoilers…depending on how soon I can find time in between r/l stuff to scan them, possibly the whole chapter.
      6) Tegami’s last four chapters had so much character development for Gauche, Lag and Sylvette and also reveal how the other Bees stay loyal to Largo despite him not being the Head Bee anymore. Aria and Jiggy working together was one of the best bits in recent chapters.


      • Yeah, I remember about the Bees staying loyal to Largo [I would’ve stayed loyal too :3 xD] But anyway, it’s getting sooooo interesting, and yet no one’s scanlating it T_T Someone could at least scan it and I’d make sure the fans would at least know the summary of what’s going on T_T
        Feels like the REALLY good series don’t get enough recognition among scanlation groups. [but it’s not like they owe us anything anyway].
        Aria and Jiggy :O Maaan, I’d sooo wanna see it. But then again, there’s a lot I’d want to see there xD I love the series almost as much as 07-Ghost.
        And lol, sorry for always writing with numbers. Otherwise, the comment would get messy, because my my thoughts’ flow is way too fast xD


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