[Mags] Gekkan Asuka Issue 11 – Covers & Colour Pages!

tBP’s Manga Digest! featuring Gekkan ASUKA Issue 11

The November issue of Asuka is here at last. Fans of ‘Uraboku’ (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru) will be squeeing with joy to know that the manga is back with a new chapter (40) in this issue. The chapter comes with a double page colour spread. Uraboku’s Volume 8 will be released on Oct-26 with Hotsuma and Shusei gracing the cover. As for the other manga titles in this issue, Manabu Kaminaga’s ‘The Conductor‘ gets an extra long chapter with 60 pages. ‘Ayahatori Shoukanjo‘ gets a double-page colour spread and will have its 2nd Volume release on Oct-26 (same day as Uraboku). A new manga by Hirotaka Kisaragi titled ‘Seiyu-Ichi Nensei‘ debut its first chapter as well. That is just some of the snippets from the November Issue. Enjoy!

*Edit: For true Uraboku fans, scroll down after the cut to find out if you know how to unlock the latest chapter. 😀

::Asuka Issue 11::

Luka is the cover bishie of the the month 😀


::Issue 12 Preview::

As I’d mentioned before, Yakumo gets major pimpage in conjunction with the airing of the anime adaptation.

Asuka’s 25th Anniversary Collectible Card featuring ‘Akaki Tsuki no Meguru Koro‘ and ‘Zone-00‘.

::Upcoming Volume Releases::

Uraboku Volume 8

Ayahatori Shoukanjou Volume 2

::Featured Manga: The Conductor::

Character info & what’s going on so far

Chapter 3: Things get pretty haywire in this chapter

::Colour Pages::

New Manga ‘Seiyu-Ichi Nensei‘ by Hirotaka Kisaragi

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – File 3 Chapter 2 Colour Page

D.N Angel Colour Page plus Double Colour Spread

Volume 14 is already out on sale, Sep-24

Ayahatori Shoukanjou – Chapter 11 Colour Page plus Double Colour Spread.

Volume 2 slated to be released on Oct-26

Gorgeous Art is Gorgeous!!!

and Lastly,

::Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru::

Lovely Double Colour Spread for Chapter 40 featuring all 4 pairs of Zweilts including the new pair

Want to take a peek at Chapter 40, check back at this very spot in a day or two. Will edit this post to include the smexy Chapter!

*EDIT*: What’s the name of Luka’s twin brother? If you know the answer, click on the above Chapter Colour Cover Spread to access Chapter 40 which is in Japanese. 🙂

*EDITED*: Seems like some peeps are having trouble accessing the Chapter xD. Well, I checked the link and the file works just fine. But if you really want to know….  well, just mouse over between the asterisks *luce*.  Ya, I know I like to make things difficult. xDDD

Needless to say, click on the images if you want to see the bigger picture.  Enjoy, ya!

Yay! I’m so done for now!

**Note: You may use the images for personal use but don’t claim the scans as your own and post it everywhere w/o due credit to their original source.TQ!

28 thoughts on “[Mags] Gekkan Asuka Issue 11 – Covers & Colour Pages!

  1. Shenwei


    Trouble with the Uraboku Chpt. 40 password~ I am terribly sorry but I am certainly putting in “luce,” which you clearly stated to be in small caps and is a FOUR letter name, yet I still don’t have access. Please help!!!


  2. ≧▽≦

    Do you have scans Barajou no Kiss chapter 27? can give the download link?
    Barajou no Kiss online sources are broken out
    Despair on the mainland can not have any decent finished
    All low-quality


  3. Woow… AYAHATORI is going to be made in “Comic TV Dorama Seatlle”? Hmm i never heard this kind of version… but i’m just guessing… maybe it’s CD Dorama? Or anime? hehehe…have to check out the website 😀 Whatever it is, i’m curious about it


  4. arigatou ^o^ thank you so much for URABOKU 40
    Waaahh the anime’s already finished… hiks 😦 but i think it’s end without any conclusion ….well that’s because i read the manga first heheh…

    Anyway, otsukaresama desu! A very good job!


  5. luccie

    Thank you so much Ayu!!

    But I couldn’t unlock that Password…
    I tried all small, first capital, all capital…
    I even tried his name in Japanese…^^;;;;
    Plz….show me the way~!


    1. Ayumikat

      You’re welcome 🙂
      I checked out the link with the p/w and it works fine. It’s 4 words and all small letters. Give it a shot again. But if you still can’t see it, well I’ve edited the post to include another clue…so everyone can check it out. 😛


  6. lenaleemelodee

    Wow, Ayu, thanks a loooot!^^ Man, Asuka’s becoming more and more interesting now. But the only series that I never got into is DN Angel. Do you like it? I kinda didn’t even finish the first chapter :S Dunno, maybe should’ve read more of it >.>

    And thanks a bunch for URaboku chapter, but the pass’s not working O.o I even tried it with the first capital letter. I don’t even know what could be spelled wrong among those 4 letters. They’re english letters, right?
    Uraboku art’s getting better and better :3 I love reading the series and witnessing all the changes in the mangaka’s art, applies not only to Uraboku.

    That guy from The Conductor is cute T_T


    1. Ayumikat

      You’re welcome!
      No, I’m exactly a fan of D.N. Angel but I know other fans like it.

      The password is working just fine. It’s 4 words and in small letters. I’ve edited the post to include another clue so everyone check it out. 😛


      1. lenaleemelodee

        Ohhh, thank you, Ayu!^^ I know why I got it wrong, the official translation of his name has “z” instead of “c”^^

        Btw, I wanted to ask, you’re not Japanese, right? I mean… I’m currently making a plan for myself to study Japanese, since I quit going to the language school. And I was just curious, what textbooks did/do you use to learn Japanese? I only have our Russian ones, but I don’t like them much, so I’d like to buy something English-Japanese or Jap-Jap.


  7. luccie

    Thank you for your posting! ^^
    I am a big fan of Uraboku so I bought this issue but not arrived yet.
    I already booked uraboku vol.8, it will be arrived at the middle of Nov..And…I want to buy illustration book of Uraboku which will be
    released on March next year…
    All I need is money….ToT


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