Shiki OP/ED Singles – Buck Tick’s Kuchizuke/Nangi’s Walk no Yakusoku

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I haven’t had time to cover op/ed singles releases like I used to and the August ani-singles batch hasn’t got anything that really caught my ear except those that I’ve already touched on. But if ‘music be the food of life’ than I really can’t let these two recent singles pass under tBP’s music radar (lol). TV anime Shiki’s OP/ED songs are contenders for my favourite intro and outro songs from the Summer anime season. On top of that, Shiki is currently my favourite summer ani-series.


CD Title: Kuchizuke
Artist(s): Buck-Tick
Release Date: 1-Sep-2010

Kuchizuke‘ is the title of veteran rock group Buck-Tick‘s 2nd single of 2010 and is their 31st single to date. The titular track is especially written as the opening theme for TV anime ‘SHIKI‘. I was already looking forward to the song and seeing the anime OP even before ‘Shiki’ aired because it’s been a long while since Buck-Tick lend their songs to an anime series. Their previous ani-contributions ‘DRESS’ (Trinity Blood OP) and ‘Kagerou’ (xxxHolic ED2) have been constant favourites of mine. ‘Kagerou’ has a particularly fab ED clip to go with it…I mean, who can forget M&M playing air guitars. ‘Kuchizuke’ certainly impress with a suitably spooky themed OP visuals accompaniment. I like the orgel intro that’s timed with the creepy Sunako doll spinning round and round. The song’s  dark gothic rock inspired sound and strong, catchy melody is powered by Sakurai Atsushi‘s gorgeous voice. I simply love his vocals. The lyrics aptly fitted Shiki’s horror theme, talking about insane thirst, eternal darkness and bitterness. The music arrangement adds to the chilling atmospheric groove.  Aside from the main track, there’s also the B-side song titled ‘Yougetsu‘ which is a less punchy number but nonetheless carries a similarly moody vibe.

On another note, Buck-Tick will also be doing Shiki’s 2nd Ending Theme titled ‘Geiki Reijin‘. The song is slated to be on their 18th studio album titled ‘RAZZLE DAZZLE‘ which will be out on Oct-18.

Catalog No: BVCL-125
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Like it, Buy it here: yesasia, cdjapan

01. くちづけ KuchiZuke **
02. 妖月 -ようげつ- Yougetsu **
03. くちづけ -屍鬼TV size-

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The first impression I got while listening to Nangi is that her voice sounds quite similar to Yuki whose song ‘Wonder Line’ is still my favourite song from her. If you dislike Yuki’s helium high vocals, then you might not like Nangi’s voice. Some people found it annoying like I did for Yuki’s Honey & Clover theme song. *LoL* Well, ‘walk no Yakusoku‘ is indeed a huge contrast from Buck-Tick’s ‘Kuchizuke’. Shiki’s outro theme falls on a much mellower side, melancholy-filled and is drenched in bittersweet melody. But I dare say that it is a fitting ED song for the 1st half of the series especially with the way characters falling victim one after the other leaving the remaining ones alive to feel the loss and search for answers. You can’t hardly end it with a rousing chirpy number, not with the damp, harrowing mood each episode ends with.  In this respect, having a mellow theme works well. The full song has a lot more going for it then the TV-sized version.  So, it’s best to give the complete song a listen because it sounded even better especially the chorus bits past (3’09) the interlude part  of the song.  This single also include two other filler tracks titled ‘Yume iro Hanabi‘ and ‘Express‘. Of these two, ‘Yume iro Hanabi‘ is the recommended track. Nangi’s voice is suited to the upbeat pop-rock inspired track. It’s got that raspy edge that is perfect for such a energetic number. The same can’t be said of ‘Express’, a techno-dance track. Nangi really sounds absolutely out of tune on it… @_@.

CD Title: walk No Yakusoku
Artist(s): nangi
Release Date: 11-Aug-2010

Catalog No.: ESCL-3459
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Like it, Buy it here: yesasia, cdjapan

01. walk no yakusoku **
02. Yume Iro Hanabi
03. Express -RAMRIDER Color-full mix **


Sunako is creepy though!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 thoughts on “Shiki OP/ED Singles – Buck Tick’s Kuchizuke/Nangi’s Walk no Yakusoku

  1. Thanks for this!!! I love “Shiki” and think the music is just phenominal – but I thought I’d let you know that the link for “Express -RAMRIDER Color-full mix **” isn’t working. It refers you to Yume iro Hanabi instead. O_o


    • I’m definitely looking forward to hearing and seeing the TV-sized versions of the upcoming OP2 & ED2 when they premier on the coming episode. I guess by then we’ll know what kind of respond I’m going to have for both songs and will determine if I’ll go for Buck-Tick’s new album. 🙂


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