Gfantasy Issue 08 – Kuroshitsuji Chapter 47

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 47 : That Butler Contemplating…

Kuroshitsuji received major pimpage once again on the August issue of Gfantasy. The freebies that came with it is a huge poster of KSII Claude Faustus (part of a series promoting KSII) and a pencil board with a different original illustration from Yana Toboso on each side. I’m not posting the huge poster though as I’m too lazy to put it together. You can probably find that on a certain KS focus forum and may have even seen the Kuroshitsuji centric images already but anyway, the ones I posted here are from my own copy of GF. It’s been a while since I chatted about the manga chapters but the recent arc appears to be coming to an end. My thoughts on Chapter 47 after the images.


Pencil Board:
Side A – Ciel Phantomhive
Side B – The Sherlock Gang

Chapter 47 – Colour Pages

Gorgeous colour illustration of Sebastian from Yana Toboso

Thoughts on Chapter 47:
The manga’s current ‘Sherlock’ arc seemed to have been resolved. Although the murderer(s) have been found out, Woodley being the main culprit is a tad dubious. I don’t doubt that he’s a guilty party to the deaths of Siemen and Phelps but there is something else that’s bothering me. It feels like a stealthy setup from the beginning to the end and someone other than Woodley is the true mastermind, manipulating the events from behind the scenes. My guess is Ciel had been playing everyone right from the beginning. Grey might have been suspicious and conscious of it as well but still played along. But heck ya, Sebastian is back!!! He was Jeremy all along as most readers had guessed although I would have liked it to be less obvious. Arthur is awesome for figuring it out at the end but I think that he’s spooked but inspired by the whole weird experience. Looking forward to a new arc in the coming chapters.

Pages with summaries and images from KSII episodes 1 & 2

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