Kuroshitsuji II – Episode 5: Everyone is playing dress-up!

Summer 2010 Anime: Kuroshitsuji II – Episode 5 ‘Noro Shitsuji’

There’s obviously more to the episode than this ‘Maido Trap’, really…  (^_^;;

Episode Reactions:
This episode brings us right back to the main plot now that we’re getting past ‘there’s something wrong with Ciel’ hints in the last 3 episodes. The master and butler pairs met at last at the Trancy household, obviously walking into a known trap. Yep, both Ciel & Sebastian knew Alois Trancy’s invitation is fishy. What caught Ciel a little off guard is the fact that Alois went out of his way to invite people who are close to him to the party. But even then, Ciel’s old stoic self seems to be returning as he acted rather nonchalant to Alois’s threat towards the end of the eppy.

Of course, this is also where we find out that Ciel did in fact lost his memories and that he has awoken. He could only remember those that he had been close to or known for a longer period but not those he met in recent times. Example, Soma and Agni and of course in the previous episodes, he didn’t remember Abberline and Grell. He still thinks Madam Red is alive when she’s actually dead. It was Sebby who went around telling the others that Ciel is suffering from amnesia and told them not to act any differently towards him. The question is why? What really happened at the end of Season 1? There are strong hints that Ciel’s contract with Sebby isn’t yet over. Does that mean that his quest isn’t resolve? Loved that ‘acid trip’ moments he experienced when he recollected the voices and shadows of the time when his soul was still trapped.

The other thing which I’m sure lots of Trancy fangirls are delighted with, is Alois dressing up as a ‘maido trap’ to lure Ciel. What I am curious about is how the heck did he fit into Hannah’s costume when she’s far bigger than him and yeah, me thinks the boy-boobs are a bit much. (@_@) Poor Hannah, being abused yet again, being made to strip and Claude is so damn stony. And the ear-lick, wooo… naughty Alois is so ghey and perverted to do that to Ciel who I think is too shock to react instantly. Really, the Trancy brat is already in the gutter. My favourite part though was the cold exchanges between Claude and Sebastian in the room…waaah, I fangirl so much at the scene. It’s like icy-cold frost spreading all over when those two butlers meet….*squee*

Lastly, it’s nice to see some action from the non-talking triplets. I knew they’ll be the exact opposite of the bumbling Phantomhive servants. I still think they are demons though…you know, Claude’s children. *LoL* The Butler fights are up next but they’re not the only one fighting…yay, Ranmao! Here’s Ayu, looking forward with excitable anticipation to the next episode. (/^_^)/

On a related note, Kuroshitsuji II DVD 1 will go on sale from 22-Sep onwards. The original cover art illustration by Yana Toboso is gorgeous. It’s up at the official website.


I love screencapping this episode so much and nearly got carried away with it but hey, it’s under control somewhat. Less useless commentary this time. Enjoy the fanservice shots, anywayzZz! 😀

The scenes before the OP credits.

Soma and Agni serving curry-pan plus Sebastian on his round to disclose Ciel’s memory loss and telling everyone to pretend like everything’s normal with Ciel.

Noro Shitsuji

To the Trancy Ball they go. The servants as well! Ciel tells Sebastian to investigate the Trancy’s place when they get there.

The arrival at the Trancy estate

Sebby noticed the spidey and the cobwebs… and Claude’s immediate respond… it’s the Trancy mascot…LMAO! Seb’s reply to that was equally hilarious.

Oops! Ciel sees double vision & wobbles

Wot! Why is everybody else here ‘reunion’! Golly, Soma laughably fails as an actor. Ciel really thought he’s some weird Indian dude but Agni is good at spinning though. Omigosh, Lau looks good with his eyes opened xDD

See Page 2 for more episode 5 screenies 🙂

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