Kuroshitsuji II OP Single ‘SHIVER’ by the GazettE

Music Post!

Well, here it is. Kuroshitsuji II’s OP Single ‘Shiver’ by The Gazette.

CD Title: Shiver
Artists: The GazettE
Release Date: 21-Jul-2010

Shiver‘ is The GazettE‘s first single from their Sony Music Record label but it’s their 17th single overall. What better way to relaunch themselves by contributing their brand new song to A1-Pictures popular TV anime Kuroshitsuji II, as its intro theme. ‘Shiver’ is a hard hitting, high energy rock song and certainly not what I expected for KSII OP but it work out great with both sets of the opening visuals and the music’s definitely catchy enough on the ears. In terms of the likability factor, SID’s Monokuro no Kiss is still my favourite Kuroshitsuji OP.

The B-side song on the single is called ‘Hesitating means Death‘ and yeah, the song’s opening pretty much threaten death to my ears. Let’s just say I’m not a death metal girl by a mile but I’m glad the song didn’t sound like some trashy, growling noise all the way through. Nonetheless, I won’t be banging my head to it. 😛 There’s also a 3rd track titled ‘Naraku’, which is available on the ‘regular’ edition of the single. It’s a less noisy, toned down, melodic rock track which is more to my taste. xD Anyway, sample the tracklist below. Enjoy!

Catalog No.: SRCL-7349/ SRCL-7351
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 2
Like it, Buy it here: cdjapan, yesasia, amazon.co.jp

01. SHIVER **
03. NARAKU **

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