Manga Snippets from ASUKA Issue 07 + UraBoku Story 38

Weekender: Manga Bites featuring Asuka Issue 07 (^_^)

Hullo All!

tBP’s Manga Digest is back with some goodies and snippets from the July issue of Gekkan ASUKA.

I managed to spend a little spare moment to scan some colour pages from my copy of ASUKA July Edition which arrived on my doorstep two weeks ago. This will also be the first time that I get to scan a whole manga chapter and the series I chose is non other than Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru’s (aka UraBoku) latest chapter i.e Story 38. It’s such a cute chapter. I broke out laughing in parts because….awww Luka look so moe with that cute little head piece or should I say ‘ear pieces’. Kyaaaa!!! at the ‘fanservice’ shower scene too. The two new characters that appear seem interesting especially the male bishie Zweilt guardian who is certain to *spice* things up at the Rainbow Mansion. I’m wondering why the freaking huge residence is called a mansion when it practically looked more like a castle. Should it be called Rainbow Castle? 😛 Anyway, the chapter is in Japanese and it goes without saying that *spoilers* abound if you haven’t read that far or is an anime watcher. So then, peek at your own risk.

Last but not least, use the images as you may but do not claim them as your own cos it would be such a pity if you do.  Enjoy!

ASUKA Issue #07 scans here>>>
Note: Click on the individual images for a bigger reso 🙂

The Freebies…
UraBoku bookmark that came with Issue 07. Some may have noticed I used the image minus the first two characters on a recent music post for the anime.

Pencil Board featuring Luka… I find the entwining roses a little odd, not quite the image I pictured of Luka xD

DN Angel,Ayahatori Shokanjo
Postcard-sized picture featuring D.N Angel & Ayahatori Shokanjo

Asuka07 - Ayahatori Poster 1Asuka07 - Ayahatori Poster 2
Poster featuring the bishounens from Ayahatori Shokanjo. I had to scan it in two parts. And the other side of the poster featured the bishies from Samurai Drive…

Manga Chapters – Colour Spreads

Saiunkoku Monogatari,彩����
Saiunkoku Monogatari – remember the ‘Colour Cloud Palace’ anime?

Samurai Drive
Samurai Drive – pimping its 1st Volume release

Ayahatori Shokanjo
Ayahatori Shokanjo – gets another coloured cover page that also pimps its 1st volume release

Mistakes of a Shadow ButlerMistakes of a Shadow Butler
Mistakes of a Shadow Butler – A new series from Fuminori Teshima

Barajou no Kiss
Barajou no Kiss (Kiss of the Rose Princess) didn’t just get a coloured cover page but a gorgeous double colour spread as well…
Barajou no KissBarajou no Kiss

Finally, raw scans of Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru – Chapter 38

The cover *is hawt*

*Click on the cover image to d/l the whole chapter, p/w: uraboku*

and this…. Kyaaaa!!!

More UraBoku pimpage – freebie CD with the August issue of ASUKA

Here endeth ASUKA Issue 07 goodies. You can view the entire colour scans in HQ here. P/w: rawscans

24 thoughts on “Manga Snippets from ASUKA Issue 07 + UraBoku Story 38

  1. “*Click on the cover image to d/l the whole chapter, p/w: uraboku*”

    When i try the site tell is not the good password. why? (sorry i’m french and my level in english is enough bad )


  2. Shenwei


    I can’t download the Uraboku chapter, even though your instructions were clear :

    *Click on the cover image to d/l the whole chapter, p/w: uraboku*

    When I click on the cover image, I am sent to photobuckets site. Please help, thank you for your time.


  3. Polly90

    Hi there!^^

    Thank you sooo much for buying the magazines and scanning all those awesome pictures. *hugs*

    Still I have a little problem with this chapter 38 since the password doesn’t seem to work for me. ^^” Could it be that it’s not available anymore? (O.O) Hope you can answer my silly question.

    Again, thank you for your work! *chu*


  4. Shenwei

    Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!!!

    I really appreciate you hosting these up for us!! xDDD Seriously, I am so hooked on this series right now, but it is so hard to get any scans on UraBoku. So thank you sooooo much again!!


  5. Hani

    Arigatou gozaimas! Hontoni! Arigato arigato arigaaaaatoooo!!!! Tsugoi… Luka-kun and Yuki-kun hontoni kawaii-de!!! Hontoni! Arigatou! ^_^ ❤


  6. Arigatou so much for your sharing. Makes me more ‘hungry’ to try to order and buy it by myself hehee

    URABOKU wa saikoo ssu! But also curious for AYAHATORI, more bishies there >.<

    by the way, do have the scans of Uraboku ch 37 too? i didn't have vol 6 & vol 7 too (better in raw japan or eng, but not chinese since i won't understand it hehe). Onegai shimasu.


    1. Ayumikat

      You’re welcome. Glad you enjoy them.
      Yes I have both vol.6 & 7 (original Japanese version) although I’m not really up to scanning the volumes in entirety. I might just scan the covers & omake when I have time. Dunno when will that be. So, keep a look out. 🙂


      1. arigatou for your concern ^.^ I’ll stand by in here.Waiting for ch 39 too (are they release yet?)

        Kyaaa urayamashii! I don’t have enough money right now for buy those 2 volumes hiks >.< since i used my salary to make cosplay Luca's black clothes and his sword too… well it didn't make me so upset really xixixixixi 😀
        Btw they don't release URABOKU anime book yet right? Or like Fanbook and something like that?
        Let's saving… let's saving more money ^o^ GAMBAROU


        1. Ayumikat

          *lol* Hope u enjoy your Uraboku cosplay.
          No, I have not heard of any fanbook release. I’m sure they’ll announce it in ASUKA if there’s any in future. *fingers cross* then. 😉



    Ayahatori Shokanjo and Samurai Drive seem interesting *_* I wish there’ll be scans/scanlations of them soon *_*

    On Fuminori Teshima’s work, only the characters on the left side (except for the chibi meido infront) seem cool to me, but when I read the plot of the novel, I saw the terms mafia, assassin, contract, blood, etc. *_* got me interested~ Squeee~


    1. Ayumikat

      🙂 You’re welcome. Is happy to share them.

      I think less people know about newer titles like Ayahatori & Samurai Drive cos they’re quite new. Hopefully some kind people like them enough to scanlate the chapters or do translations.


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