K-ON!! Insert Song Single – Hokago Tea Time’s Pure Pure Heart

Music Post!

Ayu shares her thoughts on K-ON!!’s latest insert song single ‘Pure Pure Heart’.

CD Title: Keion!! / Pure Pure Heart
Artist(s): Hokago Tea Time feat. Yui Hirasawa, Rei Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, Tsumugi Kotobuki (CV. Aki Toyosaki, Yoko Hikasa, Satomi Sato, Minako Kotobuki)
Release Date: 2-Jun-2010

SRSLY, when was the last time I post a music release from the K-ON franchise? I skipped the current season’s OP and ED releases simply because they didn’t really attract my interest. Anyway, I decided to give the most recent *maxi* single release i.e. ‘Hokago Tea Time‘s Pure Pure Heart‘ a listen. There are 9 tracks on the insert song single. Woot? That many songs? Don’t be fooled though. To be more precise, it actually featured two new vocal tracks plus 7 instrumentals which includes 6 non-vocal versions of track 1 ‘Pure Pure Heart’ and, 1 non-vocal version of track 2 ‘Sakuragaoka Joshi Kotogakko Koka’. So there you have it.

My quick impression:
Surprisingly, I enjoy this particular single far more than I thought I would especially the title track ‘Pure Pure Heart‘. The lead vocals on this song is unmistakably Mio’s (Yoko Hikasa), who once again shines with her singing. She clearly has the better singing voice out of all the other band members and proved that she CAN sing well. The song is fun, bubbly, girly with a dang, catchy melody. It also helps that there isn’t any odd spoken or call out bits on the track which made listening to it an enjoyable experience. Love the rock guitars and enthusiastic piano accompaniment as well.

Track 2 ‘Sakuragaoka Joshi Kotogakko Koka‘ on the other hand has Yui (Aki Toyosaki) leading the vocals but the others also had turns singing some of the verses. While the song didn’t impress me as much as the titular track did, it is admittedly an interesting take of the school anthem. You can imagine *mexican* handwave across the school concert hall, inspired by the rocking anthemic song. Well ya, World Cup Football fever is upon us, you know. xD

Overall, a decent release indeed.

Catalog No.: PCCG-70075
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Like it, buy it here: cdjapan, yesasia

01. Pure Pure Heart **
02. Sakuragaoka Joshi Kotogakko Koka [Rock Ver.] **
03. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental)
04. Sakuragaoka Joshi Kotogakko Koka [Rock Ver.] (instrumental)
05. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Guitar 1]
06. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Guitar 2]
07. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Keyboard]
08. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Bass]
09. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental) [Drums]

K-ON!! Ep.07 insert song clip for ‘Pure Pure Heart’:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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