Tegami Bachi Original Soundtrack – Nocturne ~A Destiny~

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Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) Original Soundtrack

Some quick thoughts:

My initial impression of this soundtrack – a splendid listen, pleasantly so. Lots of harpsichords and light strings orchestration. That probably isn’t saying much but at least you know that I really like the album at first listen.

I actually paid attention to the scores when I watched ‘Tegami Bachi’ and thought that Kunihiko Ryo’s compositions succeeded in conveying the essence of the fantasy world of Amber Ground and its denizens. There were several pieces that had then caught my ear and made me look forward to listen to the full soundtrack. You won’t find any singularly dramatic, symphonic track that screams ‘OMG IT’S EPIC!!!’ but there also isn’t any odd piece that suddenly appears out of sync with the overall musical direction for the series. It’s just that the tracks work cohesively well together and that made the entire album such a pleasure to listen to.  At least that’s what I think. (^_-)

I must say that at this stage, ‘Nocturne’ has become one of my early front running favourite OST from the crop of recent ani-soundtrack releases, probably like it a tad more than Hama Takeshi’s soundtrack work for Kobato which was admittedly quite a pleasant listen as well. I suppose right now my preference leans towards subtler compositions rather than the heavy, dramatic orchestrations like for instance, the compositions for The Book of Bantorra’s Soundtrack despite knowing that they are reflective of the chaotic nature of the series. Perhaps when I’m in a different state of mind, I would give that one a proper listen. But as of this moment, I’m anticipating Letter Bee’s 2nd Season and more new scores from Kunihiko Ryo…and ya, Sueeedddde!!! xD

**Verdict: Squeee!!! I love it!!! Me think this album is worth repeated listens**

Colour Page Insert from Vol. 9 of Tegami Bachi

Album info & track *samples* here >>

CD Title: TV Anime Letter Bee (Tegami Bachi) Original Soundtrack
Composer: Kunihiko Ryo
Release Date: 21-Apr-2010

Catalog No: LACA-15027
Label/Distributor: Lantis
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Like it, buy it here: cdjapan, yesasia

01. Canon of AMBER GROUND **
– A haunting Gregorian inspired piece

– Theme music that pretty much tells you that Lag has arrived, enthusiastically filled with his ambition of becoming a Letter Bee xD

03. 追憶のAria~Recollections **
– This one is a soothing but melancholy filled, nostalgic piece

04. Niche&Steak **
– So cute

05. Connor Culh
– Oh so very aptly Connor

06. Pico-Pico
– Quirky

07. White Desert of Jose **
– Imo, the most beautiful piece from the album and thus, it’s my favourite of favourites. The composition with its piano and guitar accompaniment gave out that light, airy, floaty feeling. Very relaxing!

08. Lag & Niche
– What can I say, Lag & Niche’s theme, a variation of the Letter Bee theme music

09. 精霊琥珀 (Seirei-Kohaku) **
– This is another track that I really liked, an anticipative opening that leads to some wonderful violin playing at mid break

10. Prayer Hill **
– A short, serene piece

11. Tears of Silver **
– Aw, this is soooo sad. Love the cello and trumpet combination which works well to convey the emotional feeling

12. 追憶のAria~Recollections (Harpsicord version)
– It is what it says it is…harpsicord version of *track 3*, very Victorian sounding… I want tea and scones, please (^_^)

13. Lightning
– An action filled track that leads to the next track…

14. Heavy-Metal Enemy (襲撃-鎧虫)
– Arrgghhh….Gaichuu, run for your life

15. Town of Kyrie~Dead End **
– Gypsy outpost town theme…which somehow seemed to be Indian-inspired but it somehow works, you know

16. 摩訶 (MA-KA)
– There’s more to Niche than meets the eye theme…

– Short, reflective piece

18. Boushitsu -Goos & Noir-
– Ah, another track that evokes melancholy… trumpet, cello and harpsichord instrumentation conveys that gloomy mood, that things are not the way they were anymore… well, Gauche isn’t Gauche anymore… (T_T)

19. Attack
– Oh noes, danger…

20. Shoot Down!
– and there goes the ‘shindanjuu’ xD

21. Nocturne ~a Destiny **
– beautiful piano piece which is also another favourite of mine

22. Canon of AMBER GROUND (Full version) **
– Full version of Gregrorian inspired track 1, somehow I like the shorter version more

23. LETTER BEE ~Strings Harpsicord version
– It’s just strings and harpsicord this time which somehow gave me the odd feeling of being in a Victorian Bazaar 😛

Oops! Seems that I ramble on more than I should… 😀

6 thoughts on “Tegami Bachi Original Soundtrack – Nocturne ~A Destiny~

  1. @Lord Harlock, the name of that piece is called ‘Air on the G-String’, which is a Bach composition. Aria’s version isn’t on the ost though.


  2. What is that background music playing when Signal is doing a background inspection on Lag & Niche during their entry to Bifrost in episode 7? Is it one of the tracks on the CD, or not yet?


    • @Hal, I love that bgm but it isn’t on the ost. Since Tegami Bachi is getting a 2nd season, hopefully they’ll include in the 2nd ost.


  3. Thanks for the ost, one question, whats is the name of the song of the violin of Aria in episode 14? I like this violin and if is possible download this song


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