Update: I finally scan something… (^w^)

Sharing Manga Scans!!!

Actually, it’s just the scans of the tankoubon cover and sleeve from the single volume of Angel’s Doubt (天使の嘘/ Tenshi no Uso) by Aki, published by Zero Comics, something I picked up recently.

**click on the image to d/l the rest of the scans if you like**

I took the opportunity to play around with my newly acquired scanner printer. My scanning results were underwhelming. MQ is as close as I could produced as I didn’t want to destroy my lovely tankoubon volume of Angel’s Doubt. 😛

I wonder if anyone has read this manga because the chapters (5 in total) are not completely scanlated.

If you haven’t come across it yet, here’s a short synopsis of it courtesy of SIH (if anyone is interested):

“The fourth son of the famous Caluanthes family is, well, quite infamous. Mockingly referred to as a bird of paradise, Fourth dresses gaudily, spends money like water, and has turned the trip he’s been sent on to learn more about the world into his own personal gourmet dining tour. His behavior makes the rest of high society whisper about him behind his back. The only exception is Eiri Lawrence, who finds Fourth and his entourage intriguing rather than laughable – and who is everything that Fourth is not. Theirs is the world of high society, where truth and falsehood, and dark and light, intertwine.”

It’s basically a slice of life type of drama, comedy and intrigue in a period setting. I quite enjoyed it and the art is pretty…it’s a *shoujo* title after all. 😆 Anyway, the scans can also be viewed here.

5 thoughts on “Update: I finally scan something… (^w^)

  1. lenaleemelodee

    Aki’s art is superb as always. Have you read Olimpos? She really needs to work on her endings, but the whole slow-paced plot and the art were so beautiful, I desperately waited for every next scanlated chapter of it until it ended T_T

    Angel’s Doubt is totally different, but the thing that hasn’t changed is the art. Maybe it’s a big exaggeration but I think Aki’s art reminds me of Yumeka Sumomo’s (Sahara Mizu)


    1. Ayumikat

      Agrees that Aki’s art is wonderful. Olimpos has got lovely drawings but story-wised, not as engaging as I thought it would be. I love Angel’s Doubt for it’s snappy humour. Such a huge departure from Olimpos & a whole lot more enjoyable. Now that you mentioned it, Aki’s character drawings is a little reminiscent of Sahara Mizu. The difference though is in the detailing which Aki really excels in.
      And ya, thanks for dropping by. *Is glad* to know someone who has got similar taste. 🙂


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