Pandora Hearts Volume 10 & 11 Covers and more…

Ayu’s feeling chatty about Pandora Hearts *^_^*

Oh yes! I’m back to share some Pandora Hearts love. I know I haven’t been babbling about PH in quite a while. I missed posting about the last few DVD omake and lots of other stuff whilst being absent from tBP. But I’m back momentarily… Cheers, no?!  (/^o^)/ 😆

L to R: Glen, Reim (or Liam, whichever way his name is spelt)

I’m not sure if anyone else had shared Volume 10 and 11 covers but ya, I’ve gotten my tank copies a long time ago. I’m not really up to scanning both volumes in their entirety, so it’s just the covers & sleeves I’m posting for now. Volume 10 has the lovely, mysterious, dark angel figure of Glen Baskerville and Volume 11 has the duffy, dufus megane-kun figure of Reim gracing its cover. (^o^) I’m so anticipating the next volume and wondering who’ll be featured on the cover. I hope it’s going to be that goofy, red headed Rufus Barma. It’s about time he gets a cover as he has been more prominently featured in the recent chapters.

Anyone read the most recent Retrace 48 and think that the story is getting spookier and darker? One can’t help but think that the creepy dude Isla had something to do with the *headhunter* killings. Heck, he might even be the one who’s instigating the recent murders. For once, I was worried for dear old Elliot when that clownish evil face casually showed up.  I wonder if he’s really not associating with the Baskervilles and if he’s another antagonist in the making while every one waits for Glen’s return as the seals start falling apart one after the other. Oz seems a lot more grown up and melancholy too but yet still retaining his mischievous side. Next chapter should be rather fun as I suppose we’ll see Oz little entourage making their way to the creepy dude’s residence and *celebrate* his coming out…ROFL

Anyway, view the rest of the scans here!

Here’s a peek at the special book cover for Volume 11 that came with GFantasy April Issue (#4). Gorgeous illustration of our lovely PH trio.

7 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts Volume 10 & 11 Covers and more…

  1. Yes, i agree that story is indeed getting darker and more creepy. Well, I’ve read up to chapter 52 online and i have to say, by the end of that chapter i was shocked and continuous mumbling the words ‘Holy shit, holy shit! that did NOT just happen’ yeah, you can guess where i’m getting at…. the headhunter strikes again (there are so many different villains and enemies in the series, its quite hard for some people to keep up (well not me)) Anyway, i would be ahead and be buying all the later volumes by now, but i can’t read Japanese… (i could get my friend to translate it for me, but then she would interested int he story and then well it would just be a little annoying to go to all that trouble all for the sake of a book (not that i wouldn’t, but i have to keep certain priorities first, and others last (this is very close to first, but i have to put school/assignments first unfortunately)

    Sorry to have rambled on like this *sweat drop* i apologize for my ramblings 🙂

    Thanks for reading(that is if you did, otherwise, don’t take the comment to heart or head (which ever you prefer)
    P.S your on the right track with thinking that guy has something to do with the headhunter, but so is someone else >:D (and you’ll never guess who~!, well i didn’t but i did give the character some thought) enjoy~!


    • xD Thank you for posting such an interesting comment. Always welcome and yes, I do read all of the comments being posted.

      I read and kept up to date with the latest chapter (52) too. Pandora Hearts is getting more thrilling by the chapter. Mochizuki-sensei did a fab job of keeping fans in suspense. But I still don’t think Elliot is the headhunter… I’m more inclined to think that it’s Reo. But Elliot may have a connection to Glen. And creepy Yura is probably trying to revive Jack and Glen by re-enacting the tragedy of Sablier. The way things are going, there are tons of speculations but that’s why it’s so much fun following Pandora Hearts. Unpredictably exciting. I might post some stuff from Gfan when I have time. So, keep a look out. 🙂


  2. Hi!
    I’ve got a question. I want to watch the pics but I cannot. What is it the password? ^_^
    Thanks in advance. Greetings!


  3. 🙂 Well, I think PH’s story is moving along nicely compared to Kuroshitsuji whose current arc seemed to be getting drawn out a lot longer than most anticipated. Ha, yes, the slip on cover is nice.


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