CD Single – HALCALI’s Endless Night

Music Post! featuring Ayu’s Top Pick for Jan’10 – HALCALI’s Endless Night

This post is a prelude to a humongous ani-music spam that I’m going to put up after this…LOL.

CD Title: Endless Night
Release Date: 27-Jan-2010

I must say that out of all the recent j-music releases, HALCALI‘s cd single Endless Night is one of two that really caught my ear and stood out from the pile. The other one being an ani-single which I’ll reveal in Part 2 of my upcoming ani-music roundup post.

HALCALI’s latest cd featured two vocal tracks and instrumental versions of the first two tracks. The title track ‘Endless Night‘ is instantly catchy, with a funky, techno-pop beat intro. It’s easily my favourite song on the single, being a strong A-side track. The music isn’t annoying or repetitive like most techno or electronica influenced pop song tend to sound like. The melody as I said, is rather catchy as are the chorus with the rap bits giving the song its edginess despite a softer, slightly atmospheric feel to the whole song.  The girls’ vocal range complements the song and don’t come off squeaky. The short length of the track plays in its favour as it’s the kind of song that begs repeated plays…at least that’s how it seems to me. Definitely one of my favourite danceable tracks on the 2010 playlist.

Track 2, the b-side track is called ‘YES‘ and is produced by m-flo’s Verbal. It’s almost as good as ‘Endless Night’ but melody wised, it doesn’t latch on to you instantly. ‘YES’ is the kind of song that will hook you after a few listens.  Having said that, the song is the more energetic of the two vocal tracks on the single. You’ll get that playful vibe coming of it and I like the bridge part slightly past the half way mark.  This track also brings to mind some of Perfume’s songs although HALCALI’s music is more hip-hop based.

Overall, a highly enjoyable single (imo) and is a recommended listen if you want to pick up yourself after a long day…like me. (^_^:: 😀

Catalog No: ESCL-3353
Label/Distributor: Epic Records
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Buy it here: yesasia, cdjapan

Check out the MV for Endless Night here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

01. ENDLESS NIGHT **  click to listen
02. YES **  click to listen
03. ENDLESS NIGHT(Instrumental)
04. YES(Instrumental)

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