La Corda D’oro ~Secondo Passo~ DVD Extras – Unaired scenes

Kiniro no Corda ~secondo passo~ DVD release with extra unaired scenes!

Hino and her harem of male bishies….images from the ending credits.

I meant to post this earlier on but yeah, I’ve been pretty busy these days. You can tell by the recent lack of posts on tBP. 😛 Anyway, let’s get back on track. Remember the 2 part special of ~secondo passo~ that aired back in Mar and Jun respectively and how most fans were disappointed with the abrupt ending…you know, with Hino walking off to her performance? Well, fortunately the DVD version ended differently and included additional scenes which actually showed Hino’s performance at the Children’s concert.

That wasn’t all there is to it. In fact, there were more extra scenes added to the DVD version of ~secondo passo~. While the TV version appears to be Kaji centric, the DVD version featured unaired scenes that showed each of the guys in Hino’s harem taking turns to have their personal time with her, sort of like giving her a pep talk, encouraging her not to give up after being rejected by Kira, telling her how she inspired them…something like that. Even Kira has gotten extra screen time and he can see Lilli. He’s still a meanie though. But anyway, I’m glad the extra scenes filled in the odd gaps left by televised Special and gave it a proper conclusion.

Onwards to the *screencaps* from the DVD extras….enjoy!

Hino and Kaji…looking all dreamy and glowing

Kira vs Lilli
Kira tells Lille to bug-off…he doesn’t need a fairy to make Seiso Gakuen successful…Poor Lilli. Boo Kira for being mean to Lilli!!!

Yunoki x Hino moments
Yunoki just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a one on one with Hino…he sure loves teasing his beloved *pet*… XD

Hihara x Hino moments
Hihara’s turn to have a cosy chat with Hino…and it begins with food…Hihara loves his food and his shy crush on Hino is cute.

Len x Hino moments
Len the perfectionist gave Hino some critique on her technique but admits that it isn’t everything…heck yeah, wonder boy. You still need heart ♥ to play…like Hino

Tsuchiura x Hino moments
Tsuchiura and Hino enjoy the sunset together whilst eating manju…hmmm. Tsuchiura tells Hino to keep it up…just like him not wanting to lose out to Len…hehe

And here’s where the DVD picks up after the TV version abruptly ends…

Hino and her accompanist wait backstage for their turn to perform…

Whilst waiting, Hino’s accompanist admires her lovely outfit and ask her where she got it from…and that’s where Shimizu-kun comes in. He has given Hino a dress made by his sister for her performance. How sweet….(*^_^*)

Time for Hino to get up on stage. All the guys are there to give her their support, including Ousaki and Kanayan sensei. Even Etou the snob decides to sneak a peek. Needless to say, Hino’s best friends are there for her too.

So far, so good but every one is feeling a tad anxious  and wants her to get past the difficult part of her performance…

Of course being the show’s hard working heroine, she naturally got past it and wowed the audience, basking in the enthusiastic applause given. So then, all’s well that ends well.

Like it, get it here:
DVD Title: Kiniro no Corda ~secondo passo~ [Limited Edition]
Type: Animation
Release Date: 22-Jul-2009
Catalog No.: ANZB-3191
Format: DVD
Number of discs (or other units): 2
Get it here: cdjapan

18 thoughts on “La Corda D’oro ~Secondo Passo~ DVD Extras – Unaired scenes

  1. rose

    i want to know if the series haven’t ended yet.
    what happens in the play station 2 as there are 4 cds released and where can i read it online???
    thank you


  2. rose

    mind if i ask u a question ayumikat, well see i am this huge la corda fan and i want to know with whom hino ends up with and is that the last of secondo passo. i mean i want more……


    1. ayumikat

      Thank you for posting.
      La Corda’s serialization hasn’t ended yet and we don’t know who Hino ends up with or if she’ll end up with anyone. Secondo Passo is kind of a one shot…more like a promo for the game. Guess you just have to keep reading the manga to the end to find out if Hino ends up with any of the boys…hehehe.


  3. lulu

    wow the pic was nice bt this is the end of season 2 r there r many more nd where is romantic part nd kaji the new guy i thought may b hino nd kaji ill make an swt couple anyway thnx for the pic…………………………..


    1. ayumikat

      🙂 You’re welcome. Nope, there is no season 2. The screencaps were from a special dvd episode. It was also aired as a special sometime last year but without the extras.


  4. halo

    i was looking for this s+@#!t!!!!!! i knew that there was still a third or conclusion type of episode!!!! thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!


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