Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Uta Hime~ ED and Insert Songs EP: CM Ranka

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The long anticipated full version of ‘Sou da yo‘ is finally out with the release of Megumi Nakajima‘s CM Ranka EP which featured the said ED theme and insert songs from “Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Uta Hime” movie…all done in Yoko Kanno’s CM style.

Cute Ranka is adorable ^_^

CD Title: Theatrical Feature Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Uta Hime~: CM Ranka
Artist: Ranka Lee = Megumi Nakajima
Date: 16-Dec-2009

I gotta say that ‘CM Ranka‘ is rather a fun EP to listen to. First off, it’s not your usual album of full length songs. Instead, 7 of the songs featured on the album are the short insert CM tracks which Ranka performed in the movie. Secondly, the CM songs are amusingly cute and practically tells you what Ranka had to do to get into showbiz. ‘Kaitaku Juuki‘ made me chuckle much. Another one that puts a smile on my face is ‘Family Mart Cosmos‘. Like I said, these ditties are not your usual pop insert songs…lol.

The odd one out of the mostly CM flavoured album is the ED theme ‘Sou da yo‘, a beautiful ballad which I’ve been looking forward to ever since hearing a snippet of it on one of the trailers.  It’s really nice to hear a full clean version of the song and the complete theme sounds even better than expected. I love the song’s melody and composition. The bridge part from 2.17 is particularly wonderful. Megumi Nakajima did a great job with the vocals as well. It’s one of my favourite Ranka songs, up there with ‘Aoi no Ether‘.

The album made for a lovely holiday/year-end release from Ranka=Megumi…the album cover tells you that much too. Worth to give it a listen especially for ‘Sou da yo’.

Catalog No: VTCL-35089
Label/Distributor: Victor Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Buy it here: cdjapan, yesasia

01. そうだよ。 ** Soudayo.
02. スターライト納豆 ** Star Light Natto
03. ダイナム超合金 ** Dinam Chogoukin
04. 開拓重機 ** Kaitaku Juki
05. だるまゼミナール ** Daruma Seminar
06. ニンジーン Loves you yeah! ** Ninjin Loves You Yeah!
07. ファミリーマート・コスモス ** Family Mart Cosmos
08. 恋のドッグファイト(ちょっとだけ) **  Koi no Dog Fight (Chottodake)

3 thoughts on “Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Uta Hime~ ED and Insert Songs EP: CM Ranka

  1. I just can’t get over how absolutely stunning the live bootleg version of Sou Da Yo sounded… Nakajima was incredible there, putting so much emotion and expression into her singing. Made me a bit teary one time listening to it on my headphones (best way to listen to bootlegs) and that happens very rarely with “anime music”. Listening to it I thought it was ment to be heartbreaking “sad love song”… so when 2min clip of this final version leaked I was pretty baffled and disappointed. It was sung in completely different way.

    Well, I got over it and Sou Da Yo indeed is great song. I’m just annoyed at all the wasted potential 😛

    But I can see why it was done like it was, after listening to audiorip of the film… Sou Da Yo is a bit like lullaby love song and listening to ending scene I can see why it was done like it was. Singing it more akin live version (or the “demo” or whatever used on one of trailers) would’ve been *completely* out of place.

    But enough about Sou Da Yo: CMRanka is absolutely hilarious and charming record. Not to mention it is catchy. as. hell. 😀

    Very fun stuff to listen to. I also love the pics that came with it =)


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