Anime OP/ED Singles Nov Roundup – Part 3 (Final)

Music Post! featuring Anime OP/ED Singles Round-up Part 3 with a look at two album releases!

Tada…I’m here with a bundle of OP/ED singles in what would be my final music roundup post for Nov. So what do I have in store for this final feature? Well, for once the current releases are dominated by ED Singles from current anime series like Tegami Bachi, Fairy Tale, Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chuu, 11eyes and Fullmetal Alchemist. But there are a couple of OP singles in the mix as well and these are from anime series Bakemonogatari and Kimi ni Todoke. Also included are two anime-related albums and they are ‘CANAAN Inspired Album’ featuring songs from Faylan and Annabel and, I thought I slot in something from ‘Universal Bunny’, the mini album from ‘Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Uta Hime’ theatrical release featuring songs by Sheryl Nome starring May’N. Enjoy!

**Added: My missing short-burst babblings (^_^)

OP/ED Singles Releases – Part 3

Anime: Kimi ni Todoke

CD Title: Kimi ni Todoke
Artist: Tomofumi Tanizawa
Release Date: 25-Nov-2009
Catalog Code: VPCC-82287
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

It’s nice to hear an intro theme song by a male artist. I say that because OP/ED songs are mostly dominated by female singers or seiyuu groups. I do like ‘Kimi ni Todoke’. It has a catchy rhythm and melody that gives me a nice feeling. I particularly like how the song leads into the main verse before launching into the chorus and the flow into the interlude slightly past the mid section of the song gives it a nice break. The second track ‘uchuu ryoko’ is another upbeat retro-pop song that projects a rather quirky flavour with the claps and the whoops at the end. Not as catchy as the title track but still a fair listen. I do detect some sixties style Beatlesque beats there in the arrangement. All in all, a pretty decent single from Tomofuni Tanizawa.

01.きみにとどけ ** Kimi ni Todoke
02.宇宙旅行 ** Uchuu Ryokou

Anime: Tegami Bachi

Artist: Hatenaki Michi
Release Date: 25-Nov-2009
Catalog Code: SICL-221
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

Himeka is back with only her second single to date. Her first one was the intro theme song to TV anime ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ titled ‘Asu he Kizuna’. Well, her second single is also an anime tie-in and this time she performs the ED theme to ‘ Tegami Bachi’ called ‘Hatenaki Michi’. I like this particular track much more than her debut song but I don’t feel the same for the second track ‘sora wa oshiete kureru’. For the most part, the song’s arrangement don’t match her singing style. Her voice seems to overpower the music. Imo, it’s a poor song choice to sing. I recommend only ‘Hatenaki Michi’ as a track worth listening to.

01. 果てなき道 ** Hatenaki Michi
02. 空は教えてくれる ** sora wa oshiete kureru
03. 果てなき道 〜Instrumental〜
04. 空は教えてくれる 〜Instrumental〜
05. 果てなき道 〜Anime Edit〜

Anime: Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chu

CD Title: TV Anime Natsu no Arashi! (Summer Storm!) ED :Otome no Junjo
Artist: Ryoko Shiraishi, Yui Horie, Ai Nonaka, and Kaori Nazuka
Release Date: 26-Nov-2009
Catalog Code: KICM-3195
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

What leads me to listen to this single isn’t the outro theme ‘Otome no Junjo’ but the b-side track titled ‘Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo’. It was the song title that attracted me for some reason and it turns out to be a rather melodic, sing-a-long type of pop song. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The female seiyuu vocalists did a pretty good job of not annoying the hell out of me with ‘Otome no Junjo’, unlike some other seiyuu collaborative efforts which usually ends up sounding cheesy and cutesy with saccharine sweet, high pitch vocals that gives me an ear-ache. In fact, I thought the title track could be something that came out from another popular Shaft anime series…yup, I’m talking about ‘Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’. Good!.

01. 乙女の順序 ** Otome no Junjo
02. 時をかける少女 ** Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
03. 乙女の順序 (off vocal ver.)
04. 時をかける少女 (off vocal ver.)

Anime: Bakemonogatari

CD Title: Bakemonogatari OP3 Single “ambivalent world
Artist: Kanbaru Suruga (CV:Sawashiro Miyuki)
Release Date: 25-Nov-2009
Catalog Code: ANZX-9456
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

What a contrasting difference between OP2 and OP3. ‘Ambivalent world’ is way more listenable and 10x better than ‘Kaerimichi’ which I thought was terrible and annoying as heck. I also prefer Miyuki Sawashiro’s singing voice over Emiri Katou’s.

01. ambivalent world **
02. ambivalent world ~instrumental

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

CD Title: Tsunaida Te
Artist: Lil’B
Release Date: 11-Nov-2009
Catalog Code: DFCL-1610
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

Out of the 3 FMA outro theme songs we got so far, I thought ‘Tsuinaida Te’ is the least suited as the anime’s ending theme. Till now, I can’t get use to it. It’s better as a stand alone j-pop song. Just doesn’t work as an ending theme. The other two songs on Lil’B’s latest single are RnB pop-rap numbers. Of the two, I like ‘Last Letter’. I found ‘KISS’ to be a little boring. The singing lacks emotion. *Yawn* OP3 trounced ED3 as the best theme of the two.  Hurray for Sukima Switch whose FMA’s OP contribution is the most *search for song* on tBP.

01. つないだ手 ** Tsunaida Te
02. ラストレター ** Last Letter
03. Kiss-one More Kiss Mix- **
04. つないだ手 -tv Version-
05. つないだ手 -karaoke-

Anime: 11eyes

CD Title: TV Anime 11 eyes Outro Theme ‘Sequentia’
Artist: Asriel
Release Date: 27-Nov-2009
Catalog Code: PCCG-90044
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

Ah! Sorry Asriel! Goth Rock failed here so I’ve nothing more to add. Get the single if anyone else like it.

01. Sequentia **
02. 鏡の闇を穿ちて ** Kagami no Yami wo Ugachite
03. Sequentia(Off Vocal)
04. 鏡の闇を穿ちて(Off Vocal)

Anime: Fairy Tail

CD Title: Kanpeki Gu-none
Artist: Watari Roka Hashiri Tai
Release Date: 11-Nov-2009
Catalog Code: PCCA-3020
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

Why oh why did this end up as Fairy Tail’s ED? @_@ I’m sure lots of lovely kiddies will enjoy this cherubic tune. But Fairy Tail? Hmmm…

01. 完璧ぐ~のね ** kanpeki Gu-no ne
02. 冒険エトセトラ ** Bouken Et Cetera
03. 風のバイオリン  Kaze no Violin
04. 完璧ぐ~のね(Instrumental)
05. 冒険エトセトラ(Instrumental)
06. 風のバイオリン(Instrumental)
Albums Releases

Anime: Canaan (TV)

Album Title: TV Anime CANAAN Inspired Image Album
Artist: Faylan, Annabel
Release Date: 11-Nov-2009
Catalog Code: LACA-5969
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

This image album rocks. The character themes rock! Faylan rocks. Annabel’s voice is gorgeous. My favourites are the awesome ballad version of ‘mind as judgement’, Siam’s theme ‘Kibou no Sora, Maria’s theme ‘Yawarakana Hikari no Naka’ and Yunyun’s theme ‘Shanghai Hiyori’. I definitely like the ballad version of ‘mind as judgement’ over the original version. Faylan sang beautifully here. Great voice too and the arrangement is a refreshing change, making the melody sounds more dramatic. But the song that I love the most from this album is track 6 called ‘Yawarakana Hikari no Naka’ (in the soft light) which is Maria’s theme. The melody is so soothing, a touch of melancholy with heartfelt sentiment imbued in it. Annabel’s voice is just perfect for this song. I could totally relax listening to this number. Clearly, Canaan Inspired is one of the better image albums this year.

01. mind as Judgement ~ballad~ **
02. Kibou no Chi
03. MY REAL ~Canaan’s Battle Theme **
04. synesthesia ~Canaan’s Theme **
05. Hishou no Koku
06. Yawarakana Hikari no Naka ~Maria’s Theme **
07. Day of the fate
08. Ai no Kotoba
09. Kibou no Sora ~Siam’s Theme **
10. Shanghai Hiyori ~Yunyun’s Theme **

Anime: Macross Frontier – Itsuwari no Uta Hime

CD Title: Theatrical Anime Macross Frontier Itsuwari no Uta Hime Mini Album “Universal Bunny”
Artist: Sheryl Nome starring May’n
Release Date: 25-Nov-2009
Catalog Code: VTCL-60177
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

I wish I could say this was the best ever release from Sheryl Nome starring May’n but that’s furthest from the truth. I prefer the songs from the original anime series than the new ones that are on offer in ‘Universal Bunny’. They aren’t bad but they just don’t match the ‘oomph’ of the songs from the TV series. The oddest track for me is ‘Giragira Summer’…the overall arrangement is just weird. My vote for the best song on the album will have to be ‘Obelisk’ which came close to capturing the vibe from the TV series. ‘Universal Bunny’ itself sounds quite similar to ‘Lion’…I called it Lion 2. Tracks I like the least are ‘Eien’, rathering boring and forgettable and ‘Izolado’.  Overall, UB is less impressive that I thought it would be. Probably have to do with the Sheryl over-hype leading up to the first theatrical  release.  Oh well, hopefully the movie will change my impression some what.

01. ユニバーサル・バニー ** Universal Bunny
02. pink monsoon
03. ギラギラサマー(^ω^)ノ ** Giragira Summer
04. イゾラド Izolado
05. 会えないとき ** Aenai Toki
06. 永遠 Eien
07. オベリスク ** Obelisk
08 天使になっちゃった Tenshi ni Nachatta (universal version)

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