NICO Touches The Walls’ CD Single – Kakera ~Subete no Omoitachi he~

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NICO Touches the Walls are back again with a brand new single called ‘Kakera ~Subete no Omoitachi he’. The single also included the live versions of ‘Aurora’ and ‘Hologram’.

CD Title: Kakera ~Subete no Omoitachi he~
Artist: NICO Touches the Walls
Release Date: 4-Nov-2009

NICO is back with their 6th major single release to date. I love the band’s latest CD much more so than their previous single ‘Hologram’, the intro theme for TV anime ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’. They’re getting better and better with each new releases and ‘Kakera ~Subete no Omoitachi he~ is definitely one of their best yet. The titular song is a catchy mid-tempo rock number that has a melodious hook. I love it instantly. But the song that really caught my ears is track #2, the prelude version of ‘Aurora‘. It’s a beautiful, slow ballad that has a sparse atmospheric ambient arrangement with just the keyboard and piano. The song’s moving melody is made all the more intense and emotional with Tatsuya Mitsumura’s soaring expressive voice. The guy is an amazing vocalist. More evidence of that, just listen to the energetic live version of ‘Hologram‘, the 3rd track on the single. Fun!

I guess the band’s proven me wrong this time cos I thought they couldn’t come out with a song that could equal ‘Etranger‘. Well, they did and ‘Aurora’ is right up there with it as my all time favourites from the band. Anyway, their latest effort made me look forward to their 2nd major album release titled ‘Aurora’ which is due out on 25-Nov. *Squee* in excitement and anticipation. *(/^_^)/*


Catalog No.: KSCL-1469
Format: CD
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

01. かけら−統べての想いたちへ− **
02. Aurora (Prelude) ** Ayu’s Pick
03. ホログラム live ver. 2009/06/20@日比谷野外大音楽堂

One thought on “NICO Touches The Walls’ CD Single – Kakera ~Subete no Omoitachi he~

  1. Rahima

    I must admit I totally agree with you aurora is just absolutely amazing and his voice is incredible. I cant wait for their future singles because they are getting better each time I totally love them!!!!


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