Tatakau Shisho ~The Book of Bantorra’s OP Single by ALI Project

Music Post!

(*^*) Gasp! Surprise, surprise. For once, I actually like an ALI Project song and it isn’t the titular track! (^-^)

CD Title: TV Anime Tatakau Shisho ~The Book of Bantorra Intro Theme “Datenkoku Sensen
Artist: ALI Project
Release Date: 21-Oct-2009

Yup, this single isn’t half as bad as I expected it to be…*Chuckles*. At least I found an ALI Project song that I like. Unfortunately, it isn’t the titular track ‘Datenkoku Sensen‘ which incidentally is the intro theme for anime series ‘The Book of Bantorra‘. It wasn’t as bad as their previous musical contribution to  TV anime ‘Phantom ~Requiem. I like how the track started out slow and full of melancholy before launching into the usual ALI Project trademark meandering melody. Their odd style of singing was never something that I like. It just feels stressful to listen to. Furthermore, most of their stuff tends to sound similar…much like composer Kajiura Yuki’s music. So that leaves me with the b-side track, a song called ‘Takarajima‘ which I found myself having several repeat listens. It has an ambient, ethereal vibe and is much mellower that their usual noisy operatic convoluted music. I’d recommend it for your anime music playlist. (^_-)

Last but not least, I would have included the latest intro clip for ‘Tatakao Shisho’ but I can’t find it on Youtube. 😦

Catalog No.: LHCM-1070
Label/Distributor: Geneon Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia


01. 堕天國宣戦 **
02. 寶島 ** Ayu’s pick
03. 堕天國宣戦 [instrumental]
04. 寶島 [instrumental]

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