Nyan Koi! OP and ED Singles feat. Sakakibara Yui and Imai Asami

Music Post! featuring TV anime Nyan Koi’s OP and ED Singles

A little late with this little review but still better than nothing. 😛

Intro theme single release from anime series “Nyan Koi!” sung by Yui Sakakibara.

CD Title: TV Anime Nyankoi! Intro Theme ‘Nyandaful! / Cross the Rainbow
Artist: Sakakibara Yui
Release Date: 21-Oct-2009

I like the song ‘Nyandaful!’. It’s very catchy but I dislike parts of the vocals especially the overly synthesized bits that gets gratingly screechy and annoying. It made me want to scratch the singer…oops! Not a good reaction, meow?! But like I said, the song has a catchy melody which in a sense rescues it from being total fail. The anime’s OP sequence is a match as well.  Track 2  from this double A-side single entitled ‘Cross the Rainbow‘ began with a rockier guitar intro but it descended into a cutesy j-pop song that really didn’t do much for me. It just ended up like the numerous j-pop songs that are out there. Song-wised, Nyandaful! is still a recommended listen for anime fans.

Nyan Koi! OP Clip – Not the best Fall OP visuals but fits the song

Catalog No.: PCCG-90041
Format: CD
Label/Distributor: Pony Canyon
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

I like the Himawari field. Nice.

01. にゃんだふる! **
02. Cross the Rainbow **
03. にゃんだふる! (カラオケ)
04. Cross the Rainbow (カラオケ)

Outro theme single release from anime series “Nyankoi!” sung by Asami Imai.

Asami Imai’s ED theme contribution for Nyan Koi titled ‘Strawberry-Amaku Setsunai Namida’ is quite a chirpy anime pop song. It’s a cute sounding number that fits the anime’s theme.  Whilst it isn’t as catchy as Sakakibara Yui’s ‘Nyandaful!’, Imai’s vocals doesn’t grate the ears. It’s actually quite pleasant to listen to but then again, I doubt I will remember the song after the anime ends its run. The outro animation visuals aren’t that memorable as well. Track 2 ‘Kissing a dream’ started in a similar way to ‘Cross the Rainbow’ with its opening guitar lead in. However that’s where the similarities end. It’s a way rockier number and Imai’s vocals are rather impressive. But the song’s melody is rather lost on me and as a result, I didn’t like it as much.

CD Title: TV Anime Nyan Koi! Outro Theme Strawberry – Amaku Setsunai Namida / Kissing a Dream
Artist: Asami Imai
Release Date: 21-Oct-2009

Nyan Koi! ED Clip – Ending visuals are just meh!

Catalog No.: PCCG-90043
Label/Distributor: Pony Canyon
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia


01. Strawberry ~甘くせつない涙~ **
02. Kissing a dream **
03. Strawberry ~甘くせつない涙~ (カラオケ)
04. Kissing a dream (カラオケ)

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