Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 4 Omake – Chibi Cuteness

It’s time for the Pandora Hearts Omake post again, lol. I’m really loving the PH omakes…they’re so much fun to watch.


The latest bonus omake is from the recently released Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 4. Chibi Alice and Echo are both so freaking kawaii… (*^_^*)

Tons of screenies I made too. Enjoy! 😀

You can catch omake clip here:

or here, for a higher-reso view:

Screencaps Gallery here:

Alice turn to intro…

Alice in jammies, peacefully in slumber is so cute..

Shopping errands (^o^)

Off goes our little chibis with their shopping errands… 😀


oops, their shopping carts got swap… xDD

Vincent’s not liking what Echo brought back…

packets of meat…LOL

and over at the Rainsworth mansion…

Alice is pleased with her shopping errand BUT…

it’s definitely not what Oz and Sharon expected to find in her shopping cart

ROFL… Really, What did Vincent made Echo get for him that has gotten Oz and Sharon to blush? Must be something kinky… XD

Volume 5 Preview:

Tongue Twister Competition – Guess who won and who sucks (~_^)

And that’s all for now!!!

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