Kuroshitsuji DVD 9 Extra Episode – That Butler, Show Business

Kuroshitsuji (黒執事) DVD9 Special Episode

Oh My! It’s hawt in here with these pervilicious shots (*^_^*)
You didn’t think it’s ye olde Hamlet play now did you? (^_^;;

Quick thoughts:
Ayu is happy to present Kuroshitsuji’s dvd only extra episode – That Butler, Show Business – in the usual screencap gallery format with my little comments. Our main characters are involved in staging a play… and it’s non other than Hamlet, the Funtom version of course. With that in mind, you’ll probably have a rough idea that it’s gonna turn out wacky.  I had the episode for a while now but just didn’t have time to write home about it. But yea the weekend’s here so now I can finally share some images on tBP, albeit belatedly.  🙂

Describe the episode in one word…I’d say ‘Hilarious’. Don’t even try to make much sense out of it.  There are plenty of shonen-ai fan service moments and heh, some amusing crossdressing…lulz…that just cracks me up with laughter especially the over enthusiastic antics of one red-headed shinigami. 😀  Nearly all the popular characters from the anime appear with a couple of notable exception…the Scotland Yard Inspector and tada… Ashela… LOL!  Unfortunately (or fortunately) the double gendered entity did not make the cut.  Of course, he-she might have made a tiny cameo which I might have miss cos I lol’ed too much… 😛

The unaired episode also featured two *lulz* inducing Kuroshitsuji commercials i.e. The Funtom Dog Food Commercial and The Black Sushi Chef…the last one being my favourite because Sebby is ultra smexy in it (♥_♥) (*¬*)

Anyways, on to the screencaps. Make of them what you will but above all, enjoy!

That Butler, Show Business

It all began with the Funtom anniversary…

Ciel does not like where this ‘play’ suggestion is going…hehe.

Now everyone wants to get in the act

But Sebby had other ideas for the play (^o^)

The practice session begins

Practice didn’t went down too smoothly…some participants got way too distracted to bother 😀

A certain jealous red-headed person decides to crash the practice and put on his own little performance to get Sebby’s attention XD

Unfortunately Sebas-chan ain’t impress with Grell’s attempted seduction xD

Drastic time calls for drastic action as the rehearsal is in disarray

Apparently the Sebas-chan’s scare tactic works well (^^) … + random Pluto shot.

It’s the night of the play

And a special guest arrives…

Backstage, the excitement and nerves mount..

Balcony Peptalk…very romantic

And the curtain goes up

The first act began in a touchy-feely way… xD

Are we sure that it’s not Romeo and Juliet? Undertaker x Lau 😀

Ciel’s part bores the kiddy audience to tears and they’re beginning to get restless until…

Grell’s love starved Ophelia made her grand entrance…

Apparently Ranmao’s seaweed thingy is popular with the kids. I love it when Lizzie kicks *Ophelia* into the river…lolz

After that, Ciel’s performance picks up and improves…delighting everyone in the audience and those backstage

so much so that a certain Duke hyperventilates at the sight of Ciel’s passionate performance xD

Sebas-chan’s turn to enter the stage and the young audience cheered their support for our little Hamlet…how lovely

Hamlet is so surprise by the cheers that yah, he forgotten the dialogue…lol!

Time to get some serious sword play action down… Sebby is fierce!

Dang! that Ophelia Grell decides to break the momentum and steal the scene much to the horror of everyone else. That and another familiar face joints in the chaotic fun 😀

Soma who has been sidelined can’t stand being left out from the play anymore…he wants in on the merriment too.

and the young audience loved the impromptu additions

Ah, and the play gets kind of mess-up…

In the end, all’s well that ends well…the night is a success.

Backstage, after the show…

Want the unaired episode, it’s available for order at cdjapan or yesasia.

See page 2 for the Funtom Dog Food Commercial Starring Pluto
and page 3 for The Black Sushi Chef starring Sebastian Michaelis  (^o^)

3 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji DVD 9 Extra Episode – That Butler, Show Business

    1. ayumikat

      😀 It’s definitely the most comical Kuroshitsuji episode. I enjoyed the hilarious fan service stuff. Grell and the Undertaker had me cracking up so much. xD


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