CANAAN Insert Song Single – China Kibun De High Tension!

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NeNe, the singing idol from TV anime Canaan made her debut single release and you know what, the crazy cab driver is her biggest fanboy. LOL!

CD Title: China Kibun de High Tension! (TV Anime Canaan Insert Song Single)
Artist: Nene (Ayahi Takagaki)
Release Date: 7-Oct-2009

As much as I enjoy Canaan’s 13-episode run, I can’t say that I have the same enjoyment for this insert song single. Nene is actually voiced by Ayahi Takagaki who if you remember also voiced ‘Ein’ of Phantom~Requiem. I like Ein’s character song single more than I do this one.


Anyway, there are 6 tracks on the cd single. The first 3 are vocal tracks where as the last 3 are instrumental versions of the first 3. Very simple isn’t it. The titular track ‘China Kibun de High Tension!‘ is quite horrible to listen to. It’s very forgettable. I totally dislike the partially digitized high pitch voice. Ayahi Takagaki actually sounds way better than the song gives her voice credit for. Of course, it’s understandable that she’s singing in character. The second track ‘Inochi Nanda yo‘ is a slower anime-pop ballad and again, it’s not a memorable song at all plus the voice just puts me off. Now, how do Takagaki sounds like if she’s not overdoing a character voice…listen to track 3, ‘LIFE‘ and you’ll find out. Easily the best song and the saving grace of this otherwise very forgettable single. She sings beautifully on this track and her voice control is just wonderful. I also love the sentimental melody of the song.  Overall, a mediocre release except for track 3.


Catalog No.: LACM-4653
Label/Distributor: Bandai
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

**Click to listen to the selected tracks

01. China Kibun de High Tension!**
02. Inochi Nanda yo
03. LIFE **
04. China Kibun de High Tension! (off vocal)
05. Inochi Nanda yo (off vocal)
06. LIFE (Off vocal)

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