Fall 2009 Impressions: Kobato’s OP and ED

Fall 2009 Anime OP/ED: KOBATO. TV (こばと。)

Ayu’s first ever post on the 2009 Fall Anime Season and Kobato kicks it off for tBP.  Here’s a look at the OP and ED visuals that are up  on YouTube.  Oh yes, the anime airs today i.e 6-Oct-2009. (/^o^)/

Magic Number (マジックナンバー) by Maaya Sakamoto

I love Kobato’s numerous outfits change. But of course, Magic Number is a rather fitting theme for Kobato, a hyper energetic melody just like the titled character. On top of that, it’s a Maaya song.

Jellyfish no kokuhaku by Megumi Nakajima

This song is really, really cute even though the outro sequence is simplistic. They include the next episode preview in the sequence as well.

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