Manga Roundup: xXxHoLiC Chapter 187, Vampire Knight Chapter 54 and Pandora Hearts Retrace 41 (XLI)

Manga Bites!

Ayu’s back with another manga roundup and this time I’m covering xXxHoLiC Chapter 187, Vampire Knight Chapter 54 and Pandora Hearts Retrace 41. I would have done individual posts for each like usual but nah, I’m so press for time that it has to be just a quick shot at each chapter.  I even missed the coverage of Singapore F1 practice sessions last night.  Of course, I can still catch the final qualifying trials tonight… So, time to make this quick post. (^_^;;

Feature image: Gorgeous illustration of CLAMP’s xXxHoLiC
As much as I love Mochizuki’s artwork for Pandora Hearts, CLAMP’s beautiful colour illustration for xXxHolic gets to be the main feature of this post. But fret not, I posted the Pandora Hearts Colour page for Retrace 41 too.

xXxHolic Chapter 187:

Not a lot can be said about this chapter except for a pervading sense of melancholy. Watanuki isn’t quite himself anymore. He has turned into this sad character after a 4-year time skip, willing to sacrifice his own happiness for others. I’m glad good old Doumeki remained by his side. He’s keeping it real for Wata-kun.

I’m even happier to see Kohane-chan make an appearance. She’s pretty worried about Wata-kun, being able to feel his pain and seeing through the front he puts up with at the shop. I guess the one interesting thing about this chapter came towards the end and it’s about the mysterious visitor that’s going to pay Wata-kun a visit. Who will it be? Is it someone that Watanuki knew or is it a stranger seeking to have his/her wishes granted?

Vampire Knight Chapter 54:

The Ball of Balls took place and the new chapter takes off where the previous one ended where the Prince and Princess are seen to make their grand entrance to the unity Ball. As expected, tension prevails. The vampire society salivates at the appearance of another pureblood whom they probably see as their very precious prey.


Yuuki did well to appear calm in her first ever public introduction to the society. In fact she did so well that she managed to piss off Zero-kun when she steps in to stop him from further chastening the awesomely menacing and sexy Sara Shirabuki from luring Yori-chan into becoming her next human meal. Way to go Zero-kun. You did well, I applaud.


But oh, Yori, Yori, Yori… be glad that you’re still alive. It was a bad, bad, bad move to fall for Kaito’s dirty trick to incite trouble. Why have you become so rash and careless? Anyhow, the smell of trouble is brewing in the air. Blood has been spilled. Whose? We do not know yet. And what about the other pureblood that we’ve yet to meet? Ominous things are stirring. Is it going to spin out of Kaname’s control? Remain to be seen.

Pandora Hearts Retrace XLI (41):
And here it is like I said I would…put it up that is! 🙂 The illustration style is quite similar to one with Gil on it.

And so, the mystery of Sabrie deepens even further into the pits. What’s shocking is learning that Jack sacrifice himself to prevent Glen’s soul from returning. He has his body cut up into five pieces to act as a seal to block Glen’s curse. I really can’t imagine beautiful Jack being mutilated in that way. What had happened to him is rather cruel and sad at the same time.


Rufus, Rufus…I love Rufus for being such a quirky but mysterious character. What is he going to do to help Pandora stop the Baskervilles from breaking the seals now that he knew the truth about the Vessalius sacrifice? What’s going to happen when all the seals have been broken? Why do I have a weird feeling that Elliot may be the next intended vessel for Glen? It’s just too much of a coincidence that he keeps having those weird nightmares of the bloody massacre at Sabrie. It’s like he’s having Glen’s memories.


Another new Baskerville underling made an appearance…just how many of them are there? Zai Vessalius is a traitor. I hope Vincent isn’t one even if he seems to be secretly working with them.


Breeaaakkkk!!!! It’s worrisome to see my favourite Pandora character in such a weak and hurtful state. But gosh, Break is fabulous even when he’s down… the way he flirted with Lotti is just so typical of him. Always in character.  I’m sure that will convert some fans to ship Lotti x Break…lol. Mochizuki is simply awesome and clever with how she weaves a spot of humour in the seemingly dark and gloomy atmosphere of her story. That bit is another great example of how she pulls it off seamlessly. I’m so looking forward to the next manga arc.

I thought this pic would make a cute end to my manga roundup. Nothing like a cute Alice x Oz moment. (=^w^=)

**Credits to:  FH for xXxHoLiC's scanlated images, SGK for Vampire Knight's
scanlated images and Raw Paradise for Pandora Hearts Scans.

2 thoughts on “Manga Roundup: xXxHoLiC Chapter 187, Vampire Knight Chapter 54 and Pandora Hearts Retrace 41 (XLI)

  1. I haven’t converted to Break×Lottie. Yet. XD I remain faithful to Break×Sharon. I thought the part when Alice kissed Oz on the cheek was very cute as well. Hmm, as for that little Baskerville girl, her name is Lily. I wonder how she ties into all of this. :3


    • Yup, Alice’s cheek nibbling is too cute. I don’t mind an alternate Break x Lottie pairing…lol. It’ll be interesting in a perverse way 😛 I never did quite get an impression that Glen has so many loyal underlings. One would have thought he has 3 or 4 trusted aides but it sort of appear that he may have gained more than a handful of following. I wonder what made people like Lottie, Fang, Zwei and now Lily to follow him… Lottie hinted that there are more of their kind yet to make an appearance. I hope Mochizuki won’t kill the plot with too many twists. (^_^!!


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