Manga Bites: Kuroshitsuji Chapter 37 – It’s a Glompfest (>w<)

Manga Bites: Kuroshitsuji Chapter 37 – The Butler, Brand New

RFLMAO!!! What an odd scene!
Whaddaya think goes on in this pic? Endless possibilities… 😀

Quick thoughts:
After all the deaths, killings, doom and gloom of the Circus Arc, we’re in the intermission period before the next major arc. Yana brought on the funnies and hilarity in this chapter to lighten the mood. I have to say she did well enough to make me chuckle all the way to the last page. The servants are all alive and kicking and getting on the Butler’s firing range for the mess (more like destruction) they caused to part of the mansion. Soma and Agni are back too. There’s a new weird character introduced as well. Lot’s of intentional and unintentional *glomping*, moeness and ya, exposed nipples too…haha.

But one can’t ignore the residual effects of the trauma that’s clearly affecting our little shouta Earl. Even Lizzie felt something is amiss with her beloved fiance. Am wondering what the new arc will lead to. The teaser seems to suggest something very close to home. Intriguing indeed.

On to the pics

The remnants of a tragic end….

(;_;)/ Sayonara, Beast… or whatever that remained of her. Sebby is so methodical.

Let the Glompfest begin… XDD

Introducing Nina Hopkins, tailor cum *glompstress* extroadinaire 😀
Her preference includes girls and boys under fifteen…xDDD

Long time no see Meirin….Let me feel you up…& down… hehehe

Come now Earl, let me strip you and see how you’ve grown 😆

*ahem* Only the Butler is allowed to glomp the Earl where it matters…

Wonder what’s hard to measure? Oh gawd, this panel totally cracks me up…mind in the gutter, I tell ya…*is shot*  & *dies* of  laughter.  The multiple glomping didn’t help matters… 😀

Look who else decides to join in the Ciel glompfest…

Poor Lizzie, she can do naught to stop the Ciel molestation…

Ah…Ciel is obviously tired out by all that glomping… haha

And all Lizzie wants is this…  Oh so moe!!!
Kuroshitsuji,Ciel Phantomhive,manga,Lizzie

**Credits: tBP bows down to the BA scanlation team for their glomptastic effort.

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