Manga Bites – xXxHoLiC Chapter 186

Ayumi’s manga blurbs on xXxHoLiC’s latest Chapter 186!

This gorgeous spread begs to be manga coloured. (*O*)/

Quick thoughts:
Lol…Watanuki is channeling Ichihara Yuuko, from the kimono with the butterfly motifs right down to pipe smoking on a lazy couch. Even his mannerisms is Yuuko-like much to the dismay of Doumeki who drops by the shop for one his regular visits. I’m sure he feels a little reproachful with Watanuki’s Yuuko-like demeanor. But I certainly love Watanuki’s feminine gestures and he looks great in the Chinese costume too which I might add, is very Syaoran-like.  He is after all Syaoran’s other self. Strangely, no mention of the mysterious *egg* in this chapter. I’m as curious as ever to how that would come into play… if it ever will.


On a side note and from what I can gather, it appears that xXxHoLic won’t be ending its run so soon unlike its sister publication ‘TRC’ which is ending two issues from now. Even so, it probably won’t be the last we see of Syaoran and Sakura if xXxHolic still goes on. I guess we’ll see what happens down the road from now.

**Scanlated manga images courtesy of FH.

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