Vampire Knight Chapter 53 – It’s Party Time!

Catching-up on Vampire Knight’s Chapter 53 – Accidental Encounters
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The King and Queen of Vampiredom puts on a grand entrance at the long awaited *unity* ball (muahaha) under the glare of a silver hair hunter… The fun is about to begin… it may or may not be too bloody…depending on who joins in or crash the party.

Quick Jabs:
This is such a belated VK post but I got round to it in the end. (-__-)

Well, there is nothing accidental about the encounters in this chapter, as least I don’t think they are. If anything, they are mostly incidental…something to be expected. So then, the long awaited meeting took place between the VC and the HA but it seems that trust isn’t an easy thing to obtain and that peaceful co-existence remains on shaky grounds. I wonder if things are going to get bloody at the Ball. I guess we’ll find out in the next chapter.

So what happens in this chapter?!

Zero bumped into a new bishie teacher at the Academy.

And it appears that he and the new CA teacher, Kaito used to be part of a lovely little hunter family headed by Yagari-sensei… lol.

Kaito seems like a troublesome character for the way he tries to add fuel to the fire in regards to Zero’s killing aura and dislike for purebloods. He sees Yori as the opportunity and bait to incite trouble at the Ball. Oi Yori…it’s not the smartest thing to do for such a smart girl to go along with a stranger you just met, no?!

The anticipated meeting between the H.A and the Vampire Community took place. Although both sides agree to continue to co-exist…things are still on fragile ground… Kaname throwing subtle hints at Zero bout Yuuki… dangerous thing to do when the atmosphere is so tense.


Favourite ‘huh’ moment. Shiki and Rima appears to get ready to go the Ball. They both look fine but are pissy about the lack of Takuma when he suddenly materializes in front of them carrying food trays, looking very much alive and healthy.


Kaito smuggles Yori in a huge luggage.  Stupid thing to agree to Yori, dear. Her Yuuki desperation got the better of her and Zero is non too happy with Kaito dirty tactics.

At last, after one year out of sight of each other, these two star-crossed duo finally laid eyes on each other again. So who’s gonna lose their composure first?

**Credits: Scanlated manga chapter courtesy of the ever wonderful SGK.

One thought on “Vampire Knight Chapter 53 – It’s Party Time!

  1. KS_Ruel

    I just manage to read this today! Squeeeek! Kaname-sama can do nails *dies*

    I certainly hope that this event will not be a disaster in the making; though it may very well be just that. I really don’t like that Kaito guy, he purposely set a trap so that there would be bloodshed…that cheeky vile hunter! I doubt Yuuki will let anything happen to Yori-chan…I hope…I wish…maybe???

    Last question was a good one! Who will loose they’re composures first? My bet would be with Zero though, as Yuuki-sama must not embarass herself or her Kaname-oniisama.


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