Tears to Tiara ED2 Single – Weeping Alone by Aira Yuuki

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Latest single release from Aira Yuuki features the 2nd ending theme to TV Anime Tears to Tiara.

CD Title: Tears to Tiara Outro Theme ‘Weeping Alone
Artist: Aira Yuuki
Date Released: 26-Aug-2009

Weeping Alone is Yuuki Aira’s 2nd outro theme contribution for Tears to Tiara, the first being ‘Blue Sky, True Sky’. Like it’s predecessor, the titular track is another upbeat bubbly melodious pop song with lots of synths and a catchy chorus. I love the music arrangement and the synth layering that gives the song an atmostpheric feel.  Aira’s singing also gives the song its energy. The 2nd track on the single is called ‘I believe…‘ and it’s an electronica influenced number with a danceable beat and an ambient vibe. The song is just as catchy as the titular track. Aira once again shines with her vocals.

Thus far, I’ve enjoyed both of Tears to Tiara’s outro singles releases.  The anime certainly produced two back to back memorable ED themes that pretty much stood out on their own.  ‘Blue Sky, True Sky‘ is still a regular on my playlist. It’s one of my favourite ED songs. Weeping Alone will surely join the list of themes that I like and one that will remind me of Talieshin’s sacrifice and demised.

Catalog No.: LACM-4633
Label/Distributor: Bandai
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

01. Weeping alone **
02. I believe… **
03. Weeping alone (instrumental)
04. I believe… (instrumental)

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