Phantom ~Requiem~ ED2 Single – Transparent by KOKIA

Music Post!

And here it is, Kokia’s 2nd theme contribution for TV anime ‘Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom~ “Transparent”.

CD Title: Transparent
Artist: KOKIA
Date Released: 26-Aug-2009

KOKIA returns with another brand new single release although it’s an ED Single for TV anime Phantom entitled ‘Transparent‘. The titular track is fabulous and I already like it at first listen when it premiered as Phantom’s 2nd outro theme. Like Karma, Transparent managed to capture the mood and theme of the anime’s direction perfectly. It’s gives out a tragic vibe as I can foresee a none too happy end for our main Phantom characters. But the song I’m most attracted to is the B-side 2nd track ‘Chinmoku‘. I love the atmospheric arrangement, very bliss inducing and airy, complementing Kokia’s suitably calming vocals. I feel like floating in space (…Macross Frontier movie beckons…).  So soothing a song to listen too especially at times when I’m pretty mentally frazzled coming back from work. This along with Last Love Song have become my latest Kokia favourites. Kanon and Kokia pwned all other recent releases so far and I can’t be happier…oh wait, I can be…just wait for my Black Butler’s ost music. ❤ 😛

Catalog No.: LASM-4025
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia, play-asia

01. Transparent
02. 沈黙 Chinmoku
03. Transparent(instrumental)
04. 沈黙 Chinmoku (instrumental)

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