Kanon – My Road ~ Songs from Guin Saga

Music Post!

Finally, finally…it’s out, released to the anime music loving masses!!!!

Here’s Ayu presenting KANON‘s latest EP which featured songs from GUIN SAGA including the stunning outro theme ‘THIS IS MY ROAD‘.


I was musing to myself and bugging others for the longest time about when Guin Saga is ever going to let KANON release it’s ED theme song. I thought they’ll include the theme in the Original Soundtrack album but was thoroughly dismayed when it wasn’t included. Well, the studio certainly took their time with this particular release. Therefore, I’m very happy with Kanon’s extra special mini album or EP which included songs inspired by the anime and it’s outro theme. Nobuo Uematsu also has hand in composing the delightful music for the songs.  His composition certainly gives the whole album continuity from his original soundtrack scores for the anime.

There are 7 tracks on the EP which includes 2 orgel (music box) versions of the vocal tracks and an English version of ‘This is my road‘. If you think that the TV-sized version of Guin’s ED theme is epic, the full version of ‘This is my road’ is even more stunning to listen to. I love the inspiring lyrics and the choral harmonies. Kokia isn’t the only singer who possess ethereal vocals. Kanon is just as amazing. She’s got an impressive voice that possess a soprano-like quality and her vocals very much suited the new-age classical style compositions reflected in the songs on the EP. Give a listen to track 4 “Where’er you go ~Cavalleria Rusticana” and be mesmerized by Kanon’s ethereal vocalizing.

One of my favourites is track 2 ‘Marius’ song‘, a lovely lullaby’ish, folk-song with a haunting melody and yearning vocals that gives me goose bumps. Absolutely beautiful piece of music. Rounding up this little feature is track 5, an ambient electronica imbued number called ‘届かぬ想い~Moonlight’ (todoka nu omoi~Moonlight or Unfulfilled Wish ~Moonlight) that seems to be brimming with sadness. Well then, enough of my winding comments. Simply put, I truly enjoy the wonderful listening experience that the EP provided. I’m sure some of you out there will too. (n_n)

CD Title: My Road ~ Songs from Guin Saga
Artist: Kanon
Date Released: 26-Aug-2009

Catalog No.: SICL-218
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

Take a listen here:

01. Saga~This is my road
02. マリウスの歌
03. Saga~This is my road (オルゴールVersion)
04. Where’er you go~Cavalleria Rusticana
05. 届かぬ想い~Moonlight
06. Where’er you go~Cavalleria Rusticana (オルゴールVersion)
07. Saga~This is my road (English Version)

7 thoughts on “Kanon – My Road ~ Songs from Guin Saga

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  2. Sakura9

    Kanon has such a beautiful and amazing voice!
    I really enjoy listening to every song of her and I’m looking forward to hearing more of her^^


  3. mei

    wow. thanks for the review, ayumikat. Kanon’s version of “Marius’ song” is definitely way better than that guy who sang it in the anime =p

    I do hope they do more than 1 season of Guin Saga. It’s been an interesting ride so far, this has been on par with the 12 Kingdoms anime, in terms of storyline, political intrigue… and who can forget the OSTs for both animes.


    1. ayumikat

      You’re welcome. 🙂 Pleasure is all mine cos I’m happy to share wonderful music with fellow music fans. Ah yes, Kanon’s version of Marius’ song is miles more angelic than the anime version…wahaha. Ya, I hope they continue with another season of the anime but I’m wondering where they’re going to end the first season at. Nobuo did a great job with the musical direction. I like that he composed a symphonic suite for the series. Now, that’s amazing.


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