TM 8.0 OP Single – Abingdon Boys School’s Kimi no Uta

Music Post!

Another brand new single from Abingdon Boys School and this time they’re contributing the intro theme to TV anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and it’s called ‘Kimi no Uta‘.

CD Title: Kimi no Uta
Artist: Abingdon Boys School
Date Released: 26-Aug-2009

There are just two songs on this single and that’s the titular track ‘Kimi no Uta’ with the other being an Engrish version of ‘Jap’ called ‘Stealth‘. Jap is ABS’s theme tune for Sengoku Basara, quite a huge hit with me that one…cos I totally love the animation visuals for it…lol. That said, the Engrish version can’t compare the original version. Even Kimi no Uta is no match to ‘Jap’ but it’s still a good funky J-rock song in the definitive ABS style.

Catalog No.: ESCL-3277
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 2
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

01. キミノウタ
02. STEALTH ~零号式JAP~

5 thoughts on “TM 8.0 OP Single – Abingdon Boys School’s Kimi no Uta

  1. Raikouho

    Well, I first heard of them the say way Nell did, D-Gray Man: ‘Innocent Sorrow’ and ‘Freak Show’ along with Darker than Black’s 🙂 Both awesome animes, Tokyo Magnitude is also awesome 🙂 Well to be honest at first I thought they were actually a school 🙂 Wikipedia and some hardcore downloading of all of their songs soon put me straight ^-^



  2. Nell

    ‘Innocent Sorrow’ was the first song i heard from them in ‘D-Gray man’. Then was the ‘Howling’ in ‘Darker Than Black’. I was a crazy anime maniac XD~
    And now I love all their songs!


  3. Yuki Hyashi

    Hey! today the CD was released, I do really love STEALTH even though Takanori’s voice is better with Japanese lyrics. But for me, Kimi no Uta is greater than JAP. tee-he-he.


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