Manga Roundup: DGM-Chapter 187, Kuroshitsuji-Chapter 36 and Pandora Hearts Retrace 40

Manga Bites!

About time I update tBP’s Manga snippets by rounding up the most recently released chapters of my favourite manga titles. These include Chapter 187 of D.Gray-man by Katsura Hoshino, Chapter 36 of Kuroshitsuji by Toboso Yana and Retrace XL (40) of Pandora Hearts by Mochizuki Jun.

DGM 187 – Party and Party

Katsura Hoshino‘s back with the latest chapter of DGM after a rather lengthy and endless hiatus. She seems to be fond of taking a lot of long breaks and one wonders if she’s having health problems again or just seemingly ran out of inspiration. Furthermore, DGM will now become a monthly release instead of a weekly one. I’ve no complains on that as long as we get proper plot progression and development.


Anyway, Chapter 187 is a bumper 51-page special that’s much awaited albeit a slightly confusing one. It appears that there was a time skip and our brave exorcists are seen to be scattered in little groups all over the world fighting an upsurge of akumas. The chapter also introduced the rest of the Noah clan and we even get a glimpse of the Earl’s human form…he doesn’t look all that shabby either.


While I’m quite happy that the story is moving again, I did think that Hoshino tries to cram a little too much into the 50 pages.  It’s quite abrupt seeing Allen and the third exorcists in the middle of no where fighting an onslaught of the Earl’s creations. Then there’s the reveal about the origins of the third exorcists and something called Alma Karma. The Earl is apparently after the Alma Karma now. But before that, the chapter also reveals more information about the Noahs, particularly how their genes pass on from one generation to the next to be reincarnated in their chosen hosts.  Tyki’s new Noah brethren look interesting though.


We still don’t know why the 14th rebel against the Earl but from what was gathered, he seems to be exceptionally powerful.  Also, Allen isn’t quite himself yet again although, he appears to have a new skill upgrade.  The other mysterious bit is about Kanda whom the third exorcist referred to as  ‘second’. I wonder what the Noah wants to do with him and the Alma Karma.  Yap, another cliffhanger as it seems that Leverrier is gonna get his comeuppance soon now that the Earl and his Noah disciples finally made their move to spread darkness, chaos and doom.

Kuroshitsuji 36 – That Butler, Accompanying

Not a lot is going on in this month’s chapter of Kuroshitsuji. The mangaka is still winding down the circus arc. I think Snake sensed that his friends aren’t coming back anymore, alluding to his remark that ‘it’s lonely to be by yourself’. The tragedy of the circus troupe became even more apparent when Ciel and Sebastian went in search of the Baron’s work house which turns out to be dilapidated and abandoned.


Ciel is still a little bonkers as he maniacally laughs off the foolishness and hopelessness of the circus folks who died in vain. It came off a wee bit cold- hearted  but what saves him from being an outright heartless arse of a brat is that he thought of himself being similar to the Joker and his mates. Sebastian is just being Sebastian in this Chapter. He loves what Ciel has become, obviously.

Pandora Hearts Retrace XL (40) – Blindness

Wow, I love this chapter just as much as the last several chapters. Mochizuki continues to make Pandora Hearts an exciting and thrilling read. More answers come with yet more mystery. Just when you thought Oz and Dad might have some chit chat, the exact opposite happens. That ruthless uncaring head of the Vessalius household continues to be the bastard that he is and ignores poor Oz completely and refers to him as ‘that thing’. What a scumbag. Of course, this riles up Gilbert no end and even tsundere Elliot gets offended by such a heartless attitude. And for that, my love for Elliot’s character increases tenfold.


Zai’s also confirmed to be the one that sent Oz to the abyss 10 years prior and he wields the Griffon chain. Gil kept that a secret from Oz for fear of hurting him. Regardless of whether he revealed it to Oz or not, Oz will still be hurt anyway. Might as well just let it all out instead of holding a worthless guilt that made him go a little psycho mental. Gil did turn a little psycho here when he goes into his ‘kill, kill’ mode triggered by his hatred for Zai Vessalius. But once again, the Mad Hatter made a grand entry and swoop Gil away from endangering himself. Break is quite the hero lately as he seems to get Oz, Gil and Alice out of trouble each time they may appear to have stray into dangerous territory. One wonders if something bad might happen to him later. I hope not because he’s such an awesome character.


But why is Zai ally to the Baskervilles and the Nightrays? Isn’t Ozzie’s mom killed by the Nightrays and yet he’s best chum with Duke Nightray? I’m beginning to think that all the four duke houses are accomplices and had something to do with the Sabrie tragedy. It isn’t far fetch to think that they want to do what Glen fails to do one century ago. Each of the household held one of Glen’s other four chains aside from Jabberwock and they’re probably working together to obtain the power of the abyss (or maybe they were trying to do that all along when Glen was still alive). Perhaps knowing that Oz has a deep connection to Jack would somehow thwart their crooked attempts… which will explained Zai’s apparent disgust at Oz. He’s that power hungry eh?! The power to manipulate the future and control destinies must be very tempting to all sides.


The whole situation is making Oz even more unstable now. It just feels that he’s about to trigger something big and bad. Even Philip is acting all spooky and weird. Gil should wake up from his warp mental state and go be with Oz because now is the time Oz needs him the most. But then again, Gil was once the chosen vessel for Glen…so his situation is just as precarious. Alice, maybe she can bring a stop to the gloom and doom by giving both Oz and Gill a good whacking. Ah…cliffhanger leaves us in suspense again. *Wishes* nothing terrible will happen to Ayu’s beloved Pandora characters except the demise of the sightless, eyeless Zai for being such a meanie to Oz. Did Mochizuki drew Zai without eyes on purpose…I wonder why she didn’t want to show his eyes. Kind of bugs me that the scumbag walks around without eyes….XDD LOL!

**Credits: Scanlated images of DGM by IEM, Kuroshitsuji by B.Asylum
and Pandora Hearts by B.Abyss

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