Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ OP2 and ED2

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ New Intro and Outro themes

Who’s this hawt looking assassin?

Well, she used to be this loli…

Then there was this time skip…

And the loli magically turn into this hawt but deadly bishoujo…
That sure was a major makeover…boobs and all…what a change. And ya, it’s CAL though now she’s known as Drei.

With the time skip, a new setting, an incredible growth spurt and the change of OP and ED themes, I supposed that Phantom is heading into the final arc or finale if you like. It’s going to be exciting to see what’s going to happen to our trio of assassins. Are they going to kill each other? To be honest, the only person I want to see biting the dust is grrrr…. the totally disgusting SM. Oh please be bloody gone by series end.

I must say I quite like the new intro and outro visuals. I think they are very fitting for the final part of the series as it is heading towards its conclusion. Having said that, the 1st OP still stands as my all time favourite…to me it’s really unbeatable with it’s epic theme and awesome visuals.

Kokia and ALI Project switch places with their theme contributions this time round. ALI Project now performs the new OP song ‘Senritsu no Kodomotachi‘ while Kokia contributed the new ED theme ‘Transparent‘.  Well, what can I say about ALI Project’s song…I guess it’s more tolerable than the painful 1st Phantom ED. But then again, most of their recent anime contributions sound alike which annoys me somewhat.  Kokia still trounced and came out on top with her ED song. Needless to say, I love ‘Transparent’ along with it’s ED visuals…perfect match. Can’t wait to get hold of the full blown ED Single.

In the meantime, here are the anime clips of Phantom’s new OP and ED themes.

Phantom ~Requiem~ OP2 – Senritsu no Kodomotachi by ALI Project

Phantom ~Requiem~ ED2 – Transparent by KOKIA

4 thoughts on “Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ OP2 and ED2

  1. i’m only consoled that KOKIA is the counterfoil to that OP2, and grateful for the fastforward button (so that i can skip the OP).

    KOKIA’s really prolific this year =P
    KARMA + digital single + Transparent = EPIC-NESS


    • Oh I agree…KOKIA’s songs are EPIC. I love all her recent releases. Transparent is another winner with me. It’s very different from KARMA but is still a very good ED Song. ALI Project’s contribution is just ‘meh’…but really, the first ED totally fail. 😛


  2. hahaha That’s a great transformation in two years 😛

    I am guessing that you meant ED2 in your title to the video 😛

    I don’t like the OP2 song, but ED2 song it nice 🙂


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