Valkyria Chronicles OP2 Single – Kanashimi Rensa

Music Post!

New single release from Maria featuring the intro theme to anime series Valkyria Chronicles titled ‘Kanashimi Rensa’.

SRCL-6969 [2009812]

I honestly prefer the first opening song to Valkyria’s 2nd OP. Kanashimi Rensa is a lot less memorable and I found the singer’s voice to be a little grating on my ears. Guess I just don’t appreciate her performance. I thought she sound a little too forced. The b-side track Mirai eno Kiseki didn’t do anything to change that poor impression. The only fair thing going for this single is that it is at least better than Valkyria’s second ending theme which is …well, utterly miserable. 😛

CD Title: Kanashimi Rensa
Artist: Maria
Release Date: 12-Aug-2009

Catalog No.: SRCL-6969
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

01. カナシミレンサ**
02. 未来への軌跡 **
03. カナシミレンサ(TV Edit)
04. カナシミレンサ(Instrumental)

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