KOKIA’s Digital Single Release – Kimi wo Sagashite/Last Love Song


Waaaa….KOKIA is back with a new double A-side Single titled “君をさがして / Last Love Song” and it’s a digital release no less! All four tracks on the single are available for download at Victor Music Downloads and iTunes. \(*O*)/ ♥♥

KOKIA 090805

If you’re looking for raunchy upbeat mid-tempo to fast tempo j-pop beats, then this single is NOT for you BUT if you enjoy breathtaking, ethereal melodies that stirs up the visceral senses,  then you and me are on the right track… 😛 Why is that? Because Kokia‘s songs evoke exactly that kind of willowy feelings…. they possess a certain surreal quality which appeals to me. I simply adores her songs and music. Her latest single continues to make me appreciate her artistry.

There are a total of 4 songs on the single, one of them is an English cover of “What a wonderful world“, a classic oldie made famous by the late great Louis Armstrong. I have to say that Kokia did a reasonably good take of the classic song in her own way. The arrangements are bare and simple, letting Kokia’s voice shines through the song’s melody. Kimi wo Sagashite is a mellow ballad made all the more lovely with Kokia’s gentle caressing voice. Another track which I like is ‘Kurumarete‘, a song with a traditional melody. It reminded me of the image on my first wp header banner by Kagaya where a girl in a summer yukata sat by the veranda looking up at the starry skies on a warm summer night.

And now we come to the part where I reveal my favourite of favourites from the single and it’s the heartwarming beautiful and sentimental song “Last Love Song“. I LOVE this song at first listen. It simply tugs at the emotions….bawww, it’s soooo beautiful & passionate…the music, the melody, the angelic vocals… almost made me cry. Kokia’s singing also prove to me that you don’t need vocal calisthenics ala Mariah Carey or Hikaru Utada to express the emotions in a song. I want the lyrics of this track so bad. If anyone out there is transcribing the lyrics, please drop me a link in the comment box, I’ll feature it. 😉

It’s another winner from Kokia…now, get going and give the single a fair listen. Thus, endeth my so-called musical blabbering.

01. 君をさがして **
02. What a wonderful world
03. last love song **
04. クルマレテ **

For more info on the digital release, check out KOKIA WEB.

6 thoughts on “KOKIA’s Digital Single Release – Kimi wo Sagashite/Last Love Song

  1. mei

    this is really the best piece of news i’ve heard in a month.

    i’ve been really hooked on her songs since she did those beautiful renditions in the Red Garden OST.

    “angelic” and “ethereal” are 2 reserved words used exclusively for her voice =p

    KOKIA’s been really prolific this year, 2 ablums in March, Phantom’s “Karma” opening, now this. i can just gush all day 🙂

    now to wait patiently for 26 August, for her “transparent” single release (the new ED for Phantom~Requiem for the phantom)


  2. I discovered Kokia relatively recently, but she is quickly becoming one of my favorite singers 🙂

    Indeed, Kurumarete does evoke such imagery 🙂

    All songs on this album are great! Thank you for posting this 🙂


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