Valkyria Chronicles ED2 Single – Hitotsu no Negai by Inoue Hikari

Music Post!

Hitotsu no Negai is the 2nd outro theme for TV anime Valkyria Chronicles and it is also Inoue Hikari’s debut single.

I’m still watching Valkyria Chronicles but I was less impress with the 2nd ED theme “Hitotsu no Negai“. It’s really weak compared to the 1st ED song “Ano Kaze ni Notte” which is performed by Pe’zmoku. However, the direction of the series 2nd half warrant a change in the theme to a much moody ballad. The song itself has a sweeping dramatic melody and arrangement but the singing unfortunately is soulless and lacks emotion. Inoue Hikari‘s voice lacks power and her delivery is rather staid. It really sounds karaoke at best. No doubt she’s a newbie and lacks experience but eh, her vocals do not impress me at all unlike Megumi Nakajima. Even the cutesy candy-pop B-side track “Love Mail” fails to impress me. Recommended only for die-hard VC fans. 😛

CD Title: TV Anime Valkyria Chronicles ED2 “Hitotsu no Negai
Artist: Inoue Hikari
Date Released: 5-Aug-2009


Catalog No.: SVWC-7644
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

01. ひとつの願い **
02. らぶめるっ!
03. ひとつの願い (Instrumental)
04. らぶめるっ! (Instrumental)

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