Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 ED Single – M/elody by Shion Tsuji

Music Post!

Shion Tsuji’s latest single M/elody is also featured as the outro theme for TV anime TM 8.0.


CD Title: M/elody
Artist: Shion Tsuji
Date Released: 5-Aug-2009

I like it but will have to come back for my usual babblings. So just take a listen first.
Back at last! Wow, I must say this is a pretty listenable single from Shion Tsuji. I certainly enjoy listening to the two new songs on the CD. Shion certainly projects the right amount of bubbly energy into the songs. The titular track M/elody is a cheery pick-me-up type of pop-rock song that’s instantly catchy to the ears. So is the B-side song ‘Naminori’, which is another easy listening, catchy pop-rock track that’s worth a repeat listen. I love Shion’s cheery enthusiastic singing. She really sounds fab and her vocal delivery managed to enliven the songs. This single is definitely worth a listen.


Catalog No.: DFCL-1582
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

01. M/elody **
02. ナミノリ **
03. M/elody (Instrumental)

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