Manga Bites – Darker Than Black ~Shikkoku no Hana~ Chapter 2

Ayumi’s manga blurbs on Chapter 2 of “Darker Than Black ~Shikkoku no Hana“.
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Quick Impressions:
Girl wants to be a contractor because she’s living a shitty life. The thing is that she puts herself in that situation. She’s a teenager with a low self esteem and possess a naive outlook of the world. Furthermore, she got involved with her volleyball coach who happens to be a major porny pedo flirt. What’s worse is that nearly every girl in the school knows about it except this naive girl. She thinks they made up the rumours cos they are jealous.


But of course, the girl’s rose tinted world comes crashing down when she accidentally found naked pictures of herself along with countless faceless girls on his computer when she spent the night with him. How nice…now she’s all emo-rage and wishes to be a contractor so that she could kill him and others like him. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the girl’s wishes is about to be granted. By whom?


The same guy who granted the wishes to several unfortunate victims who all ended up dead. Both Misaki and BK201 are after this mysterious guy. So who’s this sorry state of a girl that I’ve been going on about? Her name is Tsukimori Azusa and she’s going to be the mysterious guy’s next experiment. Hah! Can BK201 get to her and save her? It’ll probably be too late…The world needs less spoiled brat contractors anyway.

**Credits: Scanlated manga images courtesy of M7.

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