07-Ghost OP Single – Yuki Suzuki’s Hiiro no Kakera

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Debut single release from Yuki Suzuki includes the title track intro theme to TV anime 07-Ghost.


CD Title: TV Anime 07-Ghost OP ‘Hiiro no Kakera
Artist: Yuki Suzuki
Date Released: 29-Jul-2009

Well what do you know…07-Ghost opening theme song has just been released in a single by Yuki Suzuki. If I’m not wrong, this is also Yuki’s debut single. She’s got a pretty good voice to boot. Yuki’s voice suits the pop-rock flavoured tracks. Unfortunately I don’t really fancy the OP song Hiiro no Kakera. I just find it a little annoying and I tend to skip the opening sequence when I watch 07-Ghost. I do, however, like the B-side song, Signal. It’s a cool punchy track and Yuki gets to show off her strong edgy vocals.  Overall, it’s a good debut single.

Catalog No.: AVCA-29257
Label/Distributor: avex trax
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia, play-asia


01. 緋色のカケラ **
02. タイトル未定曲 **
03. 緋色のカケラ (Instrumental)
04. タイトル未定曲(Instrumental)

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