07-Ghost ED Single – Hitomi no Kotae by Noria

Music Post!

Noria’s single featuring 07-Ghost outro theme ‘Hitomi no Kotae’ is finally released.
I totally dig the b+w CD illustration!

CD Title: Hitomi no Kotae
Artist: Noria
Date Released: 29-Jul-2009

By now, the opening strains of the violin of the ED theme ‘Hitomi no Kotae‘ has become so familiar to fans of 07-Ghost. The theme certainly flows well with the watery blue ending visuals. I can’t imagine the visuals being paired up with any other song. The full version of the ED theme is actually quite lovely. I especially love the violin solo. Noria’s voice though isn’t much. She pretty much sings in that same flat tone through out the song. It’s a pity because the song has a beautiful melody which made me appreciate the instrumental version of the track twice as much as the vocal version.

The second track will probably be featured as an insert song for 07-Ghost as it is titled “Rags no Chinkonka“… the requiem song for the fallen Rags Kingdom. I wonder if we’ll get to hear Teito hums the song of Rags in the coming episodes. If he does, it’ll probably be this one. Maybe he’ll harmonize with Frau…*is shot* 😛


Catalog No.: AVCA-29259
Label/Distributor: avex trax
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, yesasia

01. 瞳のこたえ**
02. ラグスの鎮魂歌 **
03. 瞳のこたえ instrumental
04. ラグスの鎮魂歌 instrumental

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