Sora no Manimani OP Single – Super Noisy Nova by Sphere

Music Post!

How could you not love this bunch of peeps? It’s the Astronomy Club gang asking you to sing the OP theme ‘Super Noisy Nova’ along with them!
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CD Title: Super Noisy Nova
Artist: Sphere
Release Date: 29-Jul-2009


All girls V.A singing group Sphere‘s second single features the intro theme of anime series  Sora no Manimani titled ‘Super Noisy Nova‘ and the image song of PSP game ‘Class of Heroes 2’ called ‘Dangerous Girls‘. Both songs are your stereotypical anime-pop tunes. The girls’ singing sounds quite similar to the fictional girl band Sakurakou  K-ON Bu. In fact, even the songs are reminiscent of Yui/Mio songs…lol…especially Dangerous Girls… I’m telling you it’s the K-ON! girls singing, not Sphere.  Oh yeah, why am I featuring this single again? It’s cos of Sora no Manamani. I’m presently following the anime which has become my favourite light comedy anime show from the 2009 Summer season. It such a fun show to watch…go watch it or go watch some stars in the sky with a home made telescope. (^^)//

Catalog No.: LASM-4017
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan, play-asia, yesasia

01. Super Noisy Nova **
02. Dangerous girls **
03. Super Noisy Nova(off vocal)
04. Dangerous girls(off vocal)

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