Vampire Knight Chapter 52 – Mellowdrama Overload (¬_¬)

Ayumi’s manga catch-up on Vampire Knight’s latest chapter 52.
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Kain and Ruka gets featured on the cover but don’t let that fool you!

Quick Impressions:
Tsk! Another *meh* chapter except for a couple of teeny weeny reveal! Dear me, VK has fallen way behind Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji in terms of excitement even though I keep hoping that things will pick up each time a chapter is released. Instead, we’re still stuck with the dilly dally between the Kaname and Yuuki. Granted that in this chapter Yuuki finally bite her oniisama’s neck for blood like a normal vampire, the drama to get to this point is long, tedious and overbearing.


Like I said before in the previous chappy, the longer they drag the mellow drama between the Kurancest lovers, the more tiring and repetitive it becomes. I’m not even going to dwell on ‘the I kill you, you kill me…you love me, you love me not’ turmoil thing that gets thrown back and forth like an eternity…gah! Let’s see whether this is the end of it and the beastie vampies get a move on for once.


But hang on, it’s not all bad as we managed to get some tiny development in the story. TAKUMAAAA! Why is he with Sara? Are they both in league now? Has Takuma switch loyalty? I thought he’s a staunch Kaname supporter, so what exactly happen to him during the past one year that made him seemingly convert to Sara’s side?! I so want to know. At least now we know that he’s alive and looking mighty fine. I wonder if Shiki and Rima managed to find out where he was and reported it to Kaname since he knows where Takuma is.


The revelation of the existence of other sleeping purebloods is rather intriguing too. I’ll be interested to know how are they connected to the Kurans and Kaname in particular. Last but not least, the VC vs HA meeting and Ball is the other thing that’s interesting because of so many potential unpredictable situations happening. It’s like a time bomb of conflicting feelings that’s about to explode. It also appears that news of Zero becoming the future H.A president has spread throughout the association. Will there be opposition among the hunters and will the mangaka answer some of this questions in the future chapters? I hope so. 😛

**Credits: Scanlated manga images courtesy of SGK.

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