Manga Bites – Kuroshitsuji Chapter 35 *Bishie Alert*

Ayumi’s manga blurbs on Kuroshitsuji’s Chapter 35 *(^O^)*
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Quick thoughts:
Admittedly, not a lot is going on in this chapter in terms of plot but by golly, Yana’s introducing several more new bishie characters to the mix.


This chapter also kinda close out the Circus Arc. Yana did a pretty good job of making me dislike Ciel and his overwhelming bitchiness as well as heartlessness. That is certainly the mark of character growth for the brat from Hell. He’s really loosing his humanity and heck ya, Sebastian couldn’t be more than happy with Ciel’s downward spiral into eternal damnation.


It’s not that the circus folks are blameless for aiding and abating the mental psycho doctor and Baron aka *Father* but they were duped and Joker knew it in the end. I sympathized with them a lot more because of their sad and humble background in comparison to Ciel’s filthy rich background. Ciel has never experienced poverty or suffered day to day desperation like the Circus folks did before the narcissistic Baron found them. It’s really tragic for their lives to end so horribly. It was especially sad to see Will checking off their names and releasing their cinematic records. RIP Doll! (;_;)  Of course, let’s not forget the deaths of the missing children whom Ciel was supposed to save.


So what of the new bishies? This chapter introduces another new shinigami character Ronald Knox who is sent to help Will reap the souls of the dead. Apparently, we got to know that Grell is back at work after being punished for his misdeeds and abuse of shinigami powers in the Madam Red’s arc. He was sent to the Phantomhive mansion to reap the souls of the circus folks who perished there.


Apart from Ronald, there were 3 other new characters and they are the Queen’s knights. It appears that the Queen sent them to spy at the brat from Hell. I wonder what they will report to the Queen after they saw the scene caused by Ciel and Sebastian. But I fangurl the most for the appearance of the Undertaker. Such cryptic words of warning from him…it seems that he knew Ciel is slowly drowning into a dark bottomless pit and would eventually abuse the powers that was given to him courtesy of  the demon’s seal. He was proven right after witnessing the killings. What’s gonna happen next? Will the Undertaker reveal his true identity? Can’t wait for the next chapter already.

**Credits:  Scanlated manga images courtesy of BA.

6 thoughts on “Manga Bites – Kuroshitsuji Chapter 35 *Bishie Alert*

  1. Ah, I’ve just happened to stop upon this site. 😀
    I totally forgot about the Kuroshitsuji manga series. DX I need to catch up on this chapter!

    .. Done. This chapter left a bad after taste. D: I was really starting to like Joker, Beast, and the others. It’s really sad that the relationship between Joker and Beast has ended. :[ I really liked them.

    Ciel is really starting to go crazy. It’s getting on my nerves. But then again, he’s too cute and adorable to hate! D; ❤

    Ah! Undertaker! I love that guy! ❤ It's interesting how we finally do get to see his eye. I almost thought he had no eyes. xD
    But another interesting thing is the medallions he wears on that chain. Seeing them up close, I now realize that they are the same things as from that one chapter of GodChild where this lady kept a hair from each of the blonde boys she took in and put them in those medallion thingies under her skirt. I'm guessing "Claudia" is either a wife or a daughter of the Undertaker. I really hope to see more character development there. 😀

    Thanks for writing this blog! I'll go catch up on the rest of the chapters now. xD


  2. I almost cried when they showed the flashback of Beast and Joker. That was so sad. And for I almost thought they look cute together and deserved to be happy in end… but no T___T. But thank though that Doll’s death is not explicitly shown or else I would really feel worse T^T (poor Doll breaking down T_T)

    Ciel is really getting more and more crazier O.o… I actually feed bad for him because he’s still a kid but he already has serious emotional and mental issues T_T. This brat just needs some spanking from Sebby XD!!!

    Ooh~ I love Ronald already! Gotta love how the Shinigamis in this manga have yummy glasses :3. He looks like an interesting addition to the cast ^^. Gotta love his attitude too <3. Lol @ his "death scythe" too XD. That lawnmower is fabulous XDD. Speaking of weapons, I wonder which garden tool will be used by the next SHinigami who appears? XD lmao.

    OMG Undertaker <33!!! That made this chapter kinda lighter ^^. I literally jumped off my chair when we get to see a glimpse of his eye!!! *melts*

    I can't wait for the next chapter and the next arc ^^. That "Queen's Angels" look all so hawt and ready to play already (pun intended XP). So yup~ this manga is just getting more and more dark but exciting~ Thanks for the post ^^.


    • Thank you for your comments.
      I love how Yana armed her shinigamis with gardening tools…it’s kinda metaphorical when you think about it.
      Pruning, cutting, shearing, mowing, reaping, harvesting…. all sorta relates to the usage of gardening tools. 😀
      Heck ya, let’s mow some souls….haha, I could imagine Ronald yelling that. XD


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