Manga Bites – Pandora Hearts Retrace XXXIX (39)

Ayumi’s manga blurbs on Chapter 39 of Pandora Hearts.
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What an amazing mind boggling chapter!!! More answers begets more questions and the mystery that surrounds the Abyss deepens further.

Alice was b*t*h. She probably deserved to have Cheshire maimed by shouta Vincent. Hah!…to all those who derided Vincent. I’ve always like his character because I thought there’s surely more to him then what his peculiar actions dictate. The last two chapters pretty much proven me right. Sure, one can say how he treats Echo was nasty but Echo wasn’t really Echo in the first place. She is one of Baskerville’s hooded assassins who has killed countless people in Sabrie without mercy. Vincent was smart and conniving enough to make use of her but he did so for a reason. For him to have suffered and gone through such a long mental torture about whether or not he could save Gil, even now he knows it’s not the end. Could Gil be saved or is it too late? The whole Sabrie incident still haunts him just as much as it did his brother.


Speaking of revelations, there is a spew of them in this chapter. Gil’s precarious situation is one of them. Glen’s less than human nature is the other. Then there’s the question Jack’s existence. Could it be that he’s still alive, like Glen is assumed to be? Both Gil and Oz are vessels, tied to the souls of the two paramount figures from Sabrie of 100 years ago i.e. Glen and Jack. I also got the gist that it wasn’t little Gil who tried to protect Jack. It was really the other way round. Jack was trying to protect Gil but failed. How much did Jack knew about Glen’s nature way back then? There’s so much that is still unclear about their relationship and what exactly happen when Gil was slashed.


There’s also the appearance of another Barma in the midst of the Sabrie mystery. What was Miranda Barma’s relationship to Glen? It seemed that she was the hooded woman who manipulated innocent little Vincent to open the gate to the Abyss on the pretext of saving Gil. Was that her real intention? I really doubt it. Her motives were all too sinister. We’ve seen that the four duke houses aren’t pure and white. All of them hid dark and mysterious deeds. How are they connected to the continuing tragedy that’s dragging them ever deeper into the abyss? How did they each end up with the Chains that were formerly in Glen’s possession?


We still don’t know why Elliot is haunted by memories of the past. What’s up with that? And finally, poor Oz. As if he hasn’t been hurt enough already…his so called *father* appears again and he has a name…Zai Vessalius. Why the hell did he turn up now of all times? Did he want to continue what he failed to do 10 years ago…that’s to banish or possibly kill Oz?!!! Oi Break, stop flirting with those two Baskerville dolls and go stop Zai already. Isn’t Zai a Baskerville servant too? I hope Oz uses his B-rabbit’s powers on his *father* and sent him to the abyss instead so that he can experience what it’s like to be trapped in a doomed world.  😛

And here endeth my random commentary. Next chapter please!

Bonus Pandora Hearts Retrace 39 Colour Pin-up of Vince x Ada. Enjoy!

**credits: scanlated manga images courtesy of Black Abyss

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