Shangri-La O.S.T is a nice surprise!

Music Post!

This is the Original Soundtrack release from TV anime ‘Shangri-La‘ with music from Kuroishi Hitomi and as I discovered, the interestingly varied compositions are  surprisingly good!

VTCL-60144-C01 (2a)

Album Title: TV Anime “Shangri-La O.S.T.
Category: Animation Soundtrack
Date Released: 8-Jul-2009

Catalog No.: VTCL-60144
Label/Distributor: Victor Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: yesasia, cdjapan

**Preview the O.S.T. here (^_-)

01. Calling
~ the opening is a short surreal and airy track that’s one of my favourites.

02. Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare (OP1 Song by May’n)
~ it’s the current OP song by May’n and it’s the full length version too so it’s not included in preview samples.

03. Boomerang Girl
~ love the percussion on this track. picture Kuniko swinging from tree to tree in the toxic jungle or swinging from scaffold to scaffold in the concrete jungle 😛

04. Moujuu Tsukai
~ interesting drumming, builds a tense mood but strictly bgm

05. Risoukyou
~ start-out peaceful & builds up dramatically towards the middle & descend in a calmly manner….I like.

06. Watashi Tachi no Douomo
~ very ‘a day out on town’ kind of bgm. I remember this was used when Kuniko and Momoko visited Douomo.

07. Sabi to Oiru to Koushinryou
~ evoke a similar feel to track #6

08. Kochou Mugen (Insert Song by Hitomi)
~ this really is a lovely song complemented by the beautiful sound of the harp. even though the lyrics printed on the booklet is in Japanese, I don’t think she’s singing in Japanese though. (O_o)

09. Suntrap
~ strangely enough, Suntrap is my most favourite piece from the entire album and it harks back to a more old school classical style of arrangement. love the oboe at the beginning, everything in between…and the violin towards the end. such a beautiful composition albeit a little on the short side.

10. Carbonist no Yuuutsu
~ this is a playful sounding track, very European…hehe. cute composition

~ an ominous piece of music befitting its title

12. Rakuen no Uragawa
~ another tense and ominous track, you know something terrible is happening like an attack is gonna happen 😛

13. Keizai Sensou
~ very tense adventure fill bgm

14. Prisoner
~ ah yes, an edgy rock type bgm befitting a spunky pink haired prisoner

15. Mizu Ebisu
~ continuation of track 14

16. Mimikazari no Yakusoku (Insert Song by Hitomi)
~ another insert song from Hitomi. this time you can make out that she sang in Japanese. nice music arrangement but song is just ok. I prefer the non-Japanese sounding insert song.

17. Nettaigyo
~ possibly the cutest gayest sounding bgm … so gaaay 😆

18. Asobi wo Sentoya Umare Kemu
~ this piece of music has Mikuni-sama written all over it…I love it!

19. Kousai Ishoku
~ an ominous version of track 18

20. Tsuki Kyuuden
~ a variation of track 18 and 19…I love the erhu instrumentation

21. Mizu Utsuru Kioku
~ this piece evoke a sense that one has arrived at a destination…that kind of feel.

22. Emergency Call
~ this track do convey a sense of urgency, I especially like the percussion

23. Metal Age
~ ah, the Metal Age theme tune

24. Hajimari no Asa ni Hikari Are. (ED1 Song by Midori)
~ as with the OP, the o.s.t also includes the full length version of the first ED song which means it’s not included in the preview samples.

~ tis the preview music…

And this brings me to the end of the album run through.

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