A Glimpse of Summer ’09 OP/ED Line-ups

Ayumi’s quick take of Summer’09 anime OP/ED selections


Alrighty! Here’s my “first impression” look at the OP/EDs from a selection of Summer’09 new anime offerings. By no means am I watching all of the new series to the end of their run. After trial watching several of the new shows that have aired, only less than a handful of series made an erstwhile impression on me. So let us bore you peeps with my short comments (^o^) on what we have here. Uuuuh, Uuuuh!

Note: All videos are working at the time of posting! 😛

OP: Mind of Judgement by Faylan

I love the opening visuals which made fitting used of the song cut. I deemed it as one of the most impressive OP from the summer lot I’m watching. Even so, it still does not match up to Spring 09’s top OP – Phantom ~RFTP~. I wonder if anything is ever going to come close to Phantom’s first OP this year.

ED: My Heaven by Annabel

Oooh, I love this ED song. Annabel’s voice sounds a little like Younha. The ending visuals are very simple but nonetheless work effectively well with the song.

Bakemonogatari (TV) 化物語
OP: Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (君の知らない物語) by Supercell

This clip features the OP/ED credits with the supposed OP theme being used for the ED sequence in Episode 1. I like the Supercell song so that’s why I feature the clip here. I think we won’t get a proper OP and ED sequence until the next episode (hopefully). And when that happens, I’ll replace this clip.

Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ (TV) うみものがたり ~あなたがいてくれたコト~
OP: Violet by Marble

Hmm…this is such a soothing song with an equally soothing watery visuals to match. I can’t say much about the anime itself. It’s drawing lots of yawns from me as of up to episode 2.

ED: Toumei na Inori (透明な祈り) by Masumi Itou

Nice visuals with chibis but the song is just *meh*. It’s a rather weak ending compared against the OP.

Aoi Hana (TV) 青い花 Sweet Blue Flowers
OP: Aoi Hana (青い花) by Kuki kodan

Another nice mid-ballad OP song that has got the ‘slice of life’ nuances fitting for the opening visuals. Lots of Yuri vibes toward the end of the sequence too.

ED: Sentiforia (センティフォリア) by Ceui

Seeing as Aoi Hana is a drama anime, the ED theme is a fitting choice. There isn’t much to the animation sequence. I thought it’s quite similar to Umi Monogatari’s simple ending visuals but the song here is much nicer than Umi’s.

Needless (TV) ニードレス
OP: Modern Strange Cowboy by GRANRODEO

I need my kick-ass Rock OP theme too you know. So ya, Granrodeo’s Modern Strange Cowboy perks me up considerably much more than the anime itself. The opening sequence is typical of a seinen show but still pairs up well with the OP track.

ED: Aggressive zone by Needless★Girls+

Well, you never know what hits you when you watch this ED. It’s in complete contrast with the OP. Fan-service overload. I really lol’ed hard and go (ò_ô).

Taishou Yakyuu Musume (TV) 大正野球娘
OP: Romantic Strike (浪漫ちっくストライク) by Kanae Ito, Mai Nakahara, Kana Ueda and Mamiko Noto

Cute seiyuu group theme song. Somehow the character animation reminds me a bit of Kamichu. It’s no Cross Game though.

ED: Yume Miru Kokoro (ユメ・ミル・ココロ) by Kanae Ito

The ED theme is cute enough but the ending visuals are plain boring unless you have an interest in stills of baseball players.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni (TV) うみねこのなく頃に
OP: 片翼の鳥 (One-Winged Bird) by Shikata Akiko

Umineko’s OP song is this season’s operatic style OP theme. I’m not so much into the theme as I’m into the opening visuals, which is nothing to shout about either. It’s more for the ‘what’s coming up’ factor in relation to the murder mystery theme. Ya, lame I know. Heck, I’m not even going to feature the ED here…the theme puts me off.

Canaan’s and Aoi Hana’s OP and ED combination comes off better than the rest but Bakemonogatari’s Supercell song is my overall favourite theme song despite the lack of animated sequence.  There’s still Sora no Manimani and Tokyo M 8.0 to air. I’ll be checking out those two as well. Alas, Spring’s OP/ED crop still trumps the Summer selections. Several of the continuing series from Spring have already premiered their new intro and outro themes along with new visuals. Even then, they are better than what has been featured above. I might include them in a part 2 post of new OP/EDs a little later. So there! ZzzZZZzz

6 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Summer ’09 OP/ED Line-ups

  1. Hummm… been wondering since it’s first ep release…. Who sang the ED of Needless… I mean the Seiyuus… They say Needless girls, So how many are they? N who?

    BTW, totally in love with Needless ED n Aoi Hana OP!!! fell in Love with them every since their first ep release… N have been repeat watching the OP n ED everyday!!!! XD

    (Kitamura ERI!!! Love HER!!!)


    • @Shinra_1989, thank you for dropping by.
      About Sphere, you can check out their debut single here. One of them i.e. Ayahi Takagaki is the voice of ‘Ein’ from ‘Phantom’. Haruka Tomatsu is also in the group. Geez, Sphere is really trying hard to sound like Sakurakou K-ON Girls now.


  2. “Even so, it still does not match up to Spring 09’s top OP – Phantom ~RFTP~. I wonder if anything is ever going to come close to Phantom’s first OP this year.”

    I don’t think anyone can top KOKIA’s Phantom OP this 2009, don’t you think, what with her etheral vocals and that soothing arrangement.
    I shudder at the announcement that phantom’s 2nd OP will be by Ali project…at least KOKIA’s still doing the 2nd ED, so that’s a consolation.


  3. Thank you for your comments. 🙂
    Ah, they’re so quick in removing the Bakemonogatari vid. Dang!
    Overall, Summer OP/EDs are just passable and non too impressive.
    Yes, SHAFT shows like Bakemonogatari will have a few more OP/EDs down the road. Should be interesting to see. I just caught Zan SZS and I like the ED visuals, the fact that they made me a laugh quite a bit. 😛


  4. So let us bore you peeps with my short comments (^o^) on what we have here.

    Well now, your posts are never boring – I always enjoy reading them 🙂

    Uuuuh, Uuuuh!

    haha It seems that Maria left a lasting impression on everyone 😛

    Note: All videos are working at the time of posting!

    Bakemonogatari OP/ED is no longer working 😛

    As for the OP, the situation is somewhat clear: Canaan has the best visuals and the song, but I also liked Aoi Hana and Umi Monogatari OP.

    With the ending, the situation is more difficult. I couldn’t really find an ED that looks good overall, but Needless gets most weird award, Umi Monogatari – cutest award, and the best ED song is definitely Zan SZS, followed closely by Bakemonogatari ED song.

    I’ll wait till the end of the season to evaluate the OP/ED because at least SHAFT shows will have several versions.


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