Manga Bites – xxxHOLiC Chapter 183 (T_T)

Ayumi’s manga blurbs on xxxHOLiC’s Chapter 183
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New Chapter is out! *SPOILERS* after the cut!

Quick impressions:
After a 2-3 week break, CLAMP is back with a new chapter of xxxHOLiC. Like most Holic fans, I’ve been eagerly waiting for this chapter. Hurray! for the gorgeous colour pages. That was such a treat after a long wait for this release.


So what did we get? Moro, Maru and Black Mokona!!! Golly, I thought I’d never see them again! It’s so heartening to see these characters reunited with Watanuki-kun and what a sad reunion it was for the girls and our protagonist. Furthermore, Moro and Maru confirmed that Yuuko is really gone, gone from their world. So sad…Watanuki is still holding on to a small belief that the whole thing was just a dream…that Yuuko-san isn’t really gone.


But no, Yuuko’s death isn’t a dream. Doumeki saw the whole thing too. He learns that there are only a few people who knows of Yuuko’s existence. Those people were the ones chosen by Yuuko to be with Watanuki after she’s gone because they all possess spiritual powers similar to Watanuki. Readers can pretty much figure out who those handful of people are. Doumeki is among them but he is the only one who has the ability to see what Watanuki sees therefore, he will play an important part in Watanuki’s other choice… whatever it maybe. Because of that, Yuuko gave Doumeki the egg and the time to use it.


It’s all so mysterious and foreboding. I really hope CLAMP isn’t going to pull another twist in the already tragic tale like having Watanuki disappear because of the confusing events going on in TRC. I won’t forgive CLAMP if they do that. Head on to the usual place to read the latest chapter if you haven’t done so. Next chapter is due out on 27-July. Gosh, another flipping long wait. I’m curious about the egg and what it holds. Hope they’ll reveal it soon.

**Credits: Scanlated manga images courtesy of FH.

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