Manga Bites – Pandora Hearts Retrace XXXVIII (38)

Ayumi’s manga blurbs on Chapter 38 of Pandora Hearts.
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Whoa! It’s a BREAK x SHARON cover. ❤
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Quick thoughts:


Retrace 38 has been out for quite a while now. Although it’s another fantastic chapter, it isn’t as spoilertastic as Retrace 37 with the Glen reveal. That isn’t to say there aren’t any interesting reveals of its own. Retrace 38 mainly focus on Gilbert and Vincent’s backstory and that’s where the first big revelation surfaces. Gil is supposed to be dead or severely incapacitated 100 years ago during the time of Glen and Jack. The second reveal is that he was Jack’s beloved servant and was mortally wounded by Glen when he tried to shield Jack from Glen’s sword. The third major spoiler would be how he gets to be alive 100 years later and it has something to do with what Vincent did that involved using the “will of the abyss”.

PH38 - 39PH38 - 41

It also explained why Vincent behaved in such a protective manner towards Gilbert and that he never wanted Gil to remember the painful past. The tiny bit of surprise that came out was Vincent’s relationship with Jack in the past. I always had the impression that the present adult Vincent felt some kind of animosity towards Jack but this chapter shows that he adored Jack as much as Jack cared for both Gil and him all those years ago. What changed then? His secret association with the much hated and maligned Baskerville is also suspicious in nature. Is he using them to get to Glen or the will of the abyss and what is his true purpose?


And then there’s Oz, Elliot and Reo. There were some amusing moments with their interactions amidst a dark and moody atmosphere. Oz is definitely not quite himself. He actually look deranged and murderous at one point, summoning and wielding B-rabbits power on his own volition. He’s slowly becoming more powerful although he seems to be gaining it unconsciously for now without realizing the whys and the hows. That brief display of power caught Elliot and Reo by surprise. Even if Elliot didn’t admit it out loud, he’s probably a little alarmed by what he saw in Oz. Elliot is just that lovable and so adorable in his denial for showing concern.  I have to say poor Gil felt like he’s being abandon again but Elliot definitely shows that he cares for Gil in his own tsundere way. LOL!


But perhaps the biggest mystery of this chapter came at the very last panel at the end. Who is this mysterious hooded lady who approached shota Vincent? Was she one of the trigger for the Sabrie incident? As the mystery deepens further, all kinds of speculation flies in the air. *Rofl*

**credits: chinese scans courtesy of sky-fire

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