Vampire Knight Chapter 51 – To bite or not to bite, Gah!

Ayumi’s manga catch-up on Vampire Knight’s latest chapter 51.
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Quick thoughts:
I hadn’t wanted to post on this chapter but I was pissy enough with a certain little pure-blooded vampire missy to warrant a rant from me. It just made me go *WTF* was that all about. This chapter doesn’t do much for Yuuki’s characterization at all. It just made her look like a wimpy spoiled vampire Princess… oh wait, she IS a wimpy spoiled vampire Princess. Come on! Yuuki knows she wants to bite Kaname and have his babies. Enough of using Zero as an excuse already. The yo-yoing plot about the part of her longing for Zero and then telling Kaname, she wants to stay by his side forever…well, get the heck on with it. The whole thing is utterly boring and has been drag bare. How many times have we readers been stuck with that lame Yuuki mode. Just suck your beloved Kaname-sama to your little vampire hearts content and stop using Zero as a clutch. What a wank! TBH, the way her story is going made Yuuki look like a pathetic character. What I want to see is that her development get a move on, not stuck in the ‘do I love him or do I not love him mode’. Each time Yuuki appears with Kaname, that’s the kind of vibe she’s giving and it has been that way from the beginning of VK. Frankly speaking, it’s getting quite tiring. I hope the mangaka has plans to develop her character beyond the current stage otherwise, Yuuki is just another typical lame shoujo ‘woe is me’ heroine.


The more interesting part of the chapter is the conversations between Yagari and Cross on the one hand and Yori-chan and her classmates with Zero on the other side. Lots of nice little reveal coming from those related panels alone. And yes, Yagari is smoking hot! He’s not just smexy, he also the new President of the Hunters Association. But what about Cross, you ask? Isn’t he the President? I can assume that some readers will be confused as to who is the actual President. Yagari is the real President but Cross is the public face for the H.A. I suppose one can say they work in tandem. Internal dealings and behind the scenes decision making is probably handled by Yagari whereas Cross deals with external stuff like hobnobbing with the press or those pretentious types of smug people and politicians…*Rofl* Poor Cross but he does have the knack for such things even though he may not enjoy it at all.


We also get the low down of the H.A’s attempts to keep good relations with certain influential Vampire clans open. It seems that the Ichijou Clan will have a new head now that Ichiou’s gone. Wonder who the new head will be and if we get to see Takuma taking up the position. We still don’t know what happen to him after he was kidnapped and abused by Sara. Cross is ask not to have any contact with Kaname at this point too. I wonder what’s up with that. Is it to protect the Kurans because they are purebloods and there might be sinisterly minded people who wants to get at them? It’s lovely to see Yori and  the few of her friends who refused to be mind-wiped after the incident. She’s clearly worried about Yuki and that’s probably why she and the other two dorm presidents are pestering Zero for information. They now know that Zero is a hunter as well. I didn’t think he could keep it a secret for long anyway.


Whilst everything appears to go back to normal at Cross Academy, the repercussions of the incident are still bubbling behind closed doors. Cross is going to be saddled with the bulk of that now he’s back being Chairman again. Hopefully, next chapter will see more progress of the story and from the spoiler, it seems that something bad is about to screw the relationships between the H.A and Vampire Community.

**Credits: Chapter scanlation courtesy of SGK. 

4 thoughts on “Vampire Knight Chapter 51 – To bite or not to bite, Gah!

  1. hungry hungry hippo

    Ack sorry! scratch that last comment, i didn’t see you had credited her scans at the bottom of your post. So sorry!


    1. ayumikat

      Ah, don’t worry. I always credit whoever is doing anything in favour of fandom otherwise we wouldn’t get to enjoy the lovely scoops we’ve been getting. And SGK always did a great job appreciated by all including me. 😀


  2. hungry hungry hippo

    Yeah, i agree with what you’re saying about Yuki. Like i withstood her wimpyness in the academy arc because i thought “awww, shes a 16 yr old girl shes just going through a stage of spinelessness” but then i realize the mangaka is going to persist with that same attitude. Like was yuki in a coma for that whole year jump?!? She should of matured, if not for her own and the boys sake but for the readers!!!
    I’ve just learnt to zone out whenever yuki’s featuring and live only for Kaname and Zero. both i believe are developing nicely and am looking forward to the meeting between them.I think soon the manga will get going again plot wise so yuki won’t bother us so much.Hooray for that!I was disappointed so many pages were wasted on yuki, what about Takuma?!?dead or alive?!

    By the way, i suggest you credit Sagakure for her scans, she spent hours scantalating and its only right to do so.


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