(OST) Sengoku Basara Ongaku Emaki – Ao Ban It’s Show Time!

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Blue’s my favourite colour and Date Masamune is a hot anime guy who speaks smexy Engrish in the Sengoku Era of *fantasy* feudal Japan which leads me to the reason why I pick the ‘Blue’ CD instead of the ‘Red’. Not that I don’t like Sanada Yukimura but fiery red is just too much heat to handle. I am admittedly bias and not hiding my favouritism. 😛 Anyway, this little post is looking at TV anime Sengoku Basara’s Original Soundtrack ~the BlUe version~.

Album Title: Devil Kings (Sengoku Basara) Ongaku Emaki – Ao Ban It’s Show Time!
Category: Animation Soundtrack
Date Released: 10-Jun-2009

Ongaku Emaki – Ao Ban It’s Show Time is one of the better animation soundtrack releases from Spring 2009 anime crop. Sure it’s not the most outstanding ever but it is still an awesome soundtrack album which showcased the series musical direction by Hiroyuki Sawano. The album comprised of 18 bgm tracks, 4 character tracks (featuring spoken bits by Kojurou, Masamune, Matsuhide and Nobunaga), 1 insert song (featuring DAIGO☆STARDUST) and the TV-Sized version of the OP ‘JAP’ by Abingdon Boys School. The composition of the bgm is very befitting of the anime’s action-pack theme with lots of hard hitting techno-rock driven pieces which exemplifies the *GAR* aspect of the show but there are also several mellow numbers for the quieter moments of the series.  I think they successfully capture the essence and atmosphere of the scenes in which they are made used of.

Like any OST, there are several pieces which I like more than others.  Heaven’s Door featured an awesome opening percussion and it’s techno-rock arrangement is reminiscent of Boom Boom Satellite’s music. Shut up and Go to Hell is another awesome track which started off as guitar driven edgy rock number that breaks into a full orchestral burst midway through till the end. The most experimental track on the album is ‘Ninja Samurai‘ which features bits of Indian Sitar and tabla type percussion, not to mention amazing flute instrumentation. The cutest track is the “Wasabi” song…it’s such an ‘aww’ inducing track. The music is the kind you’ll hear at a traditional village folk dance sort of thing. But the two most standout bgm pieces for me is “BLAZE (Crimson Lotus)“, my favourite of the fast paced bgm pieces…it’s just EPIC (it’s like Basara’s theme, you know) and Gyokuro, my favourite of the slower and traditional Japanese classical style arrangements featuring the beautifully divine sound of the koto and flute.

I have to say that I’m extremely glad I picked the Blue version as it included most of the bgm pieces that I liked. The Red version has a slightly different tracklist and features more vocal character tracks (6 in total) and insert songs. Blue version has only one insert song i.e. Unravel by DAIGO☆STARDUST whereas the Red version includes a song by Chiaki Ishikawa called Rakurui and another song from DAIGO☆STARDUST titled Dear Sunshine. BLAZE and Gyokuro are only available on the Blue version and since I’m not a fan of spoken tracks, Blue wins out. Of course, if one has budget for both CDs, one would likely get both in the shopping cart. Unfortunately or fortunately…I have to play stingy…lol. Get both if you fancy. Right then, ’nuff of my long winded rambles. As usual, full preview of selected tracks are found on the tracklist below.

Catalog No.: VTCL-60117
Label/Distributor: Victor Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
CD available at: cdjapan

For those thinking of getting the Red version of the OST “Ao Ban Moeyo, Waga Tamashi!“…
CD available at: cdjapan

01. JAP (TV Version)
02. Heaven’s Door
03. The Beginning Of The SENGOKU Era
04. ZipangU
05. GYOKURO **
06. DARK CLOUD~at the end of the road
07. Shut up~Go to Hell **
08. meditation~wander **
09. Heaven’s Door featuring 伊達政宗
10. 水光に映る従夢 featuring 片倉小十郎
11. Peaceful Days
12. Luster
13. mastermind
14. BLAZE~Crimson Lotus~**
15. 冷眼下瞰 featuring 明智光秀
16. 第六天魔王 featuring 織田信長
17. cruel AND unusual
18. RAN
19. stand FACE To face
21. Critical Heat
22. That’s part of being a warrior
23. WA-SA-BI~aiyaiyaiya-aiyaiya~
24. Unravel ** featuring DAIGO☆STARDUST

4 thoughts on “(OST) Sengoku Basara Ongaku Emaki – Ao Ban It’s Show Time!

  1. Sienne

    I really need this OST!! i was looking everywhere for it, but i can’t find it!! please let me download the whole album!It would be so nice!! i really love all the songs and of course the anime!!!
    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 🙂


    1. ayumikat

      (^_^) Yay! Another fan of Basara. I agree that the music really suits the wacky nature of the anime. Try and check out the SB community at Live Journal here. You might find what you’re looking for. Hope that helps! 🙂


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